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Women are Timeless in Tech

Technology is ever-changing, engaging and exciting. No one knows what the newest tech invention, program or media will be. But we should know the value of women in tech is timeless.

Statistics confirm that not only do women hold less tech jobs, but they also do not remain in the industry for as long as their male counterparts. There is greater perceived difficulty for women to break into the industry. Yet the vast opportunities remain the same. Whether it be web design, programming, IT, digital marketing or something in between – equality creates value.

Value Add

It has been proven, women and technology are a powerful combination which drives profitability. When compared with companies without this kind of diversity, the inclusion of women in leadership roles has a positive impact on turnover. Value extends far beyond profits by establishing a more inclusive company culture and fully rounded diverse workplace.

Inclusivity encourages innovation, promotes proactivity and fosters change. These attributes sound particularly similar to the ideals of tech as a whole. Inclusivity and technology go hand-in-hand. So why are we not striving for the best? This goes beyond equality and is actually about fairness. While an ‘even split’ may be impractical; offering career opportunity to men and women alike, that is fair.

Considering all that women can offer to the position and the workplace environment, the only remaining question is why not?

Looking Forward

Being 2018, great progress has been made to decrease the prominence of the ‘glass ceiling’. The final breakthroughs require a combined effort. Employers and employees alike need to work together toward fairness. With endless opportunity and value creation as the rewards we wait to reap.

Women have already made improvements to a wide range of tech initiatives to date and are paving the way into the future. The time has never been better to make a difference by uniting the men and women of tech to redefine the future.

Empower. Inspire. Be fair. The time is now.

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