Why Choose Us

We invest in understanding all the moving parts of a business and integrate technology to sustainably work with human processes.

Our Mission & Vision

“To be the most chosen digital agency across Australia & New Zealand, proactively contributing to the innovation movement.”

Plain and simple, we love solving challenging problems that others cannot. While we provide services in all major cities in ANZ, we have embraced Brisbane as our home base. A city that seamlessly blends traditional country values with modern urban growth, it embodies the balance we strive for in our solutions.

8 Reasons Why

Let’s cover a few quicks reasons to choose us….


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Trust builds overtime, and you want to find a company that you can trust. Well, look no further. We will always catch you on your trust fall.

Family Held Business

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We run our business with the core value of being like a family. You will be seen as a relative in our eyes and it will feel as if you are working with your family.

We work with you, not for you

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You will always be in the loop, through constant communication with you and relentless improvements on your project. We will respect you and care for your business as if it was ours.

Protect and Support

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Fonseka Innovations will always defend our customers and prepare them from change in the technology sector. We will ensure that your business project or product will be adaptable for the future.


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At Fonseka innovations, we have collectively over 40 years of experience in this industry, so you could say, we know what we are talking about.


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Creating quality products is what we do. We always deliver the best results possible and generate new and innovative ways to show it.


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Why do anything if you’re not passionate about it. Our work we produce is created through passion driven effort to achieve something different.


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We will be perfectly honest and open with you, so that you have a complete understanding of Fonseka Innovations’ ethics.

  • Friendly and open consultation process, expedient turnaround of deliverable, and excellent working product.

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  • We look forward to working with Fonseka Innovations more as our company evolves.

    5 Star Granny Flats
  • With over 3000 quotes done in the last few months and minimal issues we can say we are very happy.

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  • I’m happy with the service provided by Fonseka Innovations. Their team has effectively managed a difficult project and kept all stakeholders informed.

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Our Founder

Nipuna leads our creative and motivated team from our Brisbane office. He has a love/hate relationship with technology. This has helped to drive his passion to create & commercialise sustainable, smart tech. Combining his 15 years in the IT industry, a Masters degree in commercialising innovation and hands-on experience with start-ups, Nipuna works with clients to create quality products that manifest their start-up dreams. A self-confessed knowledge-junkie, Nipuna is always ready to discuss an idea in any one of 6 languages! When he is not being a movie buff, you can find him hiking up a mountain with the promise of a good view, for some photography and meditation.

The Team

There is a strong driving force behind the energetic and articulate team at Fonseka Innovations with a clear goal of helping our clients grow their businesses. We are here to delight our customers and make sure that we can help grow their business. Our uniqueness comes from our tight collaboration between both digital recruiters and the development team, providing a 360 service for businesses to utilise.


Fuel the fire of innovation

As subscribers to the Silicon Valley derived motto of “paying it forward” we love to give people the chance to learn and educate themselves from experts in the field. Whether it be a developer showcasing the latest in a new framework or a panel of entrepreneurs telling their stories of successes and failures, our range of events help give back to the greater community of like-minded individuals.

At Fonseka Innovations we focus on our development processes and our team of highly experienced developers & designers to meet tight deadlines and never fail to get the product to production. We are so proud of our Australian made solutions that are built with energy, passion and love for our clients.

We are the sum of #people

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The most energetic member of Fonseka Innovations family is growing up fast! Our chief of security, Cosmo, is always going above and beyond to take care of our team ❤️
Lunch time with some greats! Well done Panama for having the most steps during Steptember and an all round stellar internship. 🔥👌🏼 #incentives #indimex #mandela
What better way to end the week besides a cold beer and hot chips? 🤔 We were celebrating the Fonseka team and our wins in our latest sprint last Friday night – including another successful internship! 🍻 #culture #innovatewithus #team
Excellent business planning session with @marshtincknellaccountants  and our senior staff today! Lots of food for thought and a solid game plan for this year 😋🙌💪🏼 #innovatewithus
We are celebrating 1 year as Fonseka Innovations today! 🎂Nothing shows our progress more than our people. Our talented group of junior designers have been impressing from day 1 👏👏
Checking out @loseyourmindvr with Leanne. What an awesome idea and a product that really works! We loved it and the team has been thinking about mental health concepts ever since!  #psychology #socialenterprise #qut #mentor #innovatewithus #suicideprevention
Happy Friday! 🍻

A long week but nothing better than a few drinks to help us celebrate the many successes 💪🏼 Have a fantastic weekend!
#Friyay #weekend #beeroclock #workmates
Cheers to the long weekend from the Fonseka team 🍻 May the fourth be with you! All the best to our fabulous intern, Erin! 
#starwarsday #fonsekateam #welovelongweekends
Merry Christmas! Nice little Chrissy party to see off the year that was! 🎅🏻🥂😜#christmasparty #charmingsquire #workfamily
#devtatts #androidpokemon Lucas got creative on Monday and here are the results. Gotta catch em all they say!
Relaxing after a long day of coding

Leverage our Curated Network

Business Support

Working on a new startup? Or just looking to maintaining an existing business in a better way? All clients of Fonseka Innovations get exclusive access to trusted and vetted partners in insurance, accounting, print, and various other business support services. We want to build a business model that works for you with the resources you have.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is truly the way forward as we approach 2020. Even traditional print has embraced digital with new innovations in augmented reality and other tech integrations. To survive and thrive in the next decade, you need a great product and a great pitch to match. A key driver for many tech based businesses, we can provide the strategy and execution needed to establish a bedrock for a sustained leads pipeline, improved awareness and real sales conversions.


We have always maintained that we are the sum of our #people and recruitment is at the centre of this. Whether its a service business or not, having the right people in place to deliver quality & culture will strengthen your value chain at every moment. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our strong relationships with reputed recruitment agencies and other business partners in a variety of sectors due to the nature of our work


Often times a well curated and valuable brand sells the product by itself. The top brands in the world have been carefully developed and sustained. This is good news for you as our clients have access to top quality professional brand strategist with years of proven success. In addition, asset development such as logos and style guides compliment the long-term thinking provided at a strategic level.

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