Connecting with customers is in an ongoing evolution with technology. Companies need to be prepared as the digital world is taking over. Before, emails and phone calls were the norm, but now businesses need to be present on countless platforms to easily connect with the client. The client portal allows both parties to manage their content and products better and this all done online! Delivering the final product is also a lot easier and faster. It’s quite a valuable investment. Client portals are another way for collaboration with the customer.


Customer using client portal
A client portal offers real-time access customers


What is a client portal?

Now, not everyone knows what a client portal is exactly. So, let me explain it as simple as possible. A client portal is an electronic gateway/platform where two or more companies can connect over the internet. Client portals are secure and is typically for clients to download and upload private information. A client portal should easily integrate the current business processes of a company. Payments, invoices and accounting are examples of business processes that need to be incorporated for a successful client portal. The portal should make the client feel taken care of.


Example of a client portal.
Example of a client portal.

Is a client portal really essential?

Well, no. A company can choose to not have a client portal ready, but sooner or later, that companies process will expire. With technology continuing to improve, communicating with the client will become easier. A client portal is essential due to these points:

  • Connect better with the client – If a client hasn’t used a portal before, they will be impressed with how current your business is. All the information is still given and received, just not in person. The client will seem valued and your company will look professional.
  • Precious resources – Sending emails are great but having a full-blown business conversation over email can take up a lot of a company’s and the client’s time. As we know, time is money and using that time saved from a client portal, you can use it elsewhere. Also, phones, emails and postal come at a cost as well. So, get rid of those repeated costs. Of course, a portal will require some money, but it can be seen as a guaranteed positive investment.


A Niche CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are fairly common and come in all shapes and sizes. Large enterprise CRMs will always have their advantages, but here are some of the advantages for niche CRMs.

People cheering.
People cheering.
  1. CRMs are based on creating a relationship with the customer. Customer service will always be better for smaller systems as the customer scale isn’t a crazy number. A niche CRM business will care about each customer and can resolve issues faster.
  2. Costs! The smaller vendors typically have cheaper prices for their services. Enterprise CRMs will have a low cost but will limit features for users that didn’t purchase the ‘premium’ subscription.
  3. A niche CRM is easier to use. They are easy to learn and implement into a current business model


It’s a simple fix

Client portals are just awesome. It’s easier, faster, cheaper and just better. All of the information is received efficiently and securely. Also, to top it off, gaining that competitive advantage is a plus!

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