Businesses that are serious about growing their digital presence online hire Web Designers to implement their website. There are options to create your website on your own but as is often the case, there is very little difference in the cost of production when you weigh in your valuable time. Plus, would you want to bet it all on your business’s reputation and success? You get what you pay for, like everything in life. So, let’s get a web designer in …and now comes that question, where do find them?


Who is a Web Designer?

Before we go find one, it’s important we are aware of just who we are after. Web Designers are essentially people who manipulate the code of a webpage which usually revolves around the styling and layout of the page. Web Designers will use HTML and CSS for the unified layouts, style and colour scheme and additionally use bootstraps which helps give a more unique elements for the website. The most skilled web designers will be masters of good design and equally adept at implementing them. A team of web designers usually have people dedicated for design, marketing, front end development and backend maestros that build unique functionalities into your site.

A web designers wireframe on an iMac
Layout of a Webpage (Source: Marketing Sweet 2019)


Why Are Web Designers Needed?

First off, the website will represent your business. It is always the first point of contact for the potential customers when they want to reach your business. An unappealing website will turn your customers away and ultimately that can have catastrophic effects. It also gives your business more time to work on other projects as designing and maintaining a website is very time consuming because it is a full-time jobs for most people nowadays.

Furthermore, it’ll allow your business to stay ahead of your competition. According to Spider Marketing Group (2019), many small businesses fail to develop a successful online presence. Small businesses are already starting on the back-foot and those who take this step early in whatever form, are able to continue developing their website because of early exposure and validation. With the constantly changing technology, Web Designers are perfectly suited to keep your website up to date with latest technology and implement the necessary security patches. Lastly, the effect of a well curated website has massive knock-on effects to marketing, branding and visibility on the web. A good web developer is worth their weight in gold, because if they do a good job, it results in improvements in so many areas in your business.

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(Source: Simon Mortlock 2018)



There are many sites online where you can find web designers that operate as freelancers such as : 99designs, Toptal, Codeable, Upwork, Envato Studio┬ájust to name a few. These are usually hit and miss, since most will work from remote and it’s difficult to evaluate fit early on. People have found arrangements that lasts decades and equally fell prey to monumentally bad service.

Alternatively, you can go local as some businesses prefer to go face-to-face to ensure quality and build a working relationship beyond the confines of the web. Usually its good idea to run a Google search and pick out some local establishments to visit. If they offer a free consultation, take them up and try to learn more about them. Of course, take a moment to visit their websites and review what they have to offer. If they are web designer or web design companies, they should show a level of expertise, portfolio, clientele and presence that should impress you. This process can be time consuming if you are to meet every web designer in your postcode so find other methods to shortlist. You want to find a web developer that shares your values and looks to produce quality work.

You can ask people you do business with on a regular basis, it’s very likely they have a web designer or web agency that handles their website and at the same time it helps you build connections. Give them a call to get an initial feeling for their service.

Pro Tip

After finding your Web Designers it’ll be a good idea to carefully prepare and outline all your details and requirements you would want on your website. Remember that the best websites are made through a collaborative effect.

If you can’t find a Web Designer you are happy with or have no idea, why not contact Fonseka Innovations? We’ll do all the time-consuming work on your website while you spend your valuable time on other projects.
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