It can be difficult when trying to find mobile app developers, as technology advances more and more mobile applications will be made compared to the mobile websites.

It can be extremely difficult to find a great mobile app developer. As technology advances, more mobile applications are needed compared to the traditional mobile websites and browser sites.

Mobile App
Mobile Application

Mobile Website vs Mobile Application

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites are websites on the browser which are optimised for mobile use. Generally, mobile websites have smaller fonts and less white space. Mobile websites are typically optimised using CSS media queries or different CSS framework like Bootstrap.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application is a program which can be downloaded via the internet or stored locally through the app store (Google Play Store, Apple Store). They are generally more intuitive than mobile websites.

What do mobile app developer do?

Mobile app developers specialise in developing and designing for small electronic equipment, such as a mobile or tablet. Traditionally, developers use to develop for larger screens, such as a laptop or PC. But mobile app developers have experience in mobile computer programming languages (e.g. Swift, Java, Python or React Native)

Where to find mobile app developers?

There are a lot of different options when trying to find a mobile app developer. Websites like provide users top app developers in Australia by ratings. Other websites like also provide users with list of app development companies with prices and ratings.

Websites like also provide users with the flexibility of finding a freelance mobile app developer. If you might want a bit more stability and trustworthy sites, LinkedIn provides companies to hire developers.

Mobile App Developers can create great application
Some Mobile Applications created by App Developers

Narrow down the candidates for you

Some considerations before jumping the gun and hiring a developer:

Is your app for iOS or Android or both?

Some mobile app developers only develop application for one OS. Some developers can offer both, make sure you check the developer to see if they have any certifications or credentials when developing your application. As some developers don’t follow best coding practice.

Check their experience and past work

Ask them about the other applications they have built previously. You want to get an example work from them to see if their method of development suits the style you are seeking.

Check their reference or testimonials

Reach out to the owner of an app built by the company you are considering or read their testimonials. Ask what they were like to deal with? Did the company get what they expected? Was it completed on time? Did they offer any other benefits instead of creating the application from looking at the design only?

Local vs Remote

Does that mean developers that work remotely are disadvantaged compared to local ones? Not necessarily, the importance of development is how the communication between the developer and yourself. Local developers can definitely have an advantage as you might want to interact with them one on one, but video calls are always available for developers that work remotely.

Do you think you can work with them?

In any situation when you try hiring a developer, you would want to work well with them. But a good developer generally offers ideas to make the application better than it is and always thinks one step ahead. Meet and speak to the developer in person and try imaging yourself working with them.

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  1. It’s important to consider how to build an application–if it would be compatible for both Android and iOS, or if it would only start out on one platform and gain functionality on another platform at a later date. The reason for this is that you should be able to construct the application from the ground up and work on compatibility down the road. If I had the chance to construct an app from scratch I would want to make sure that it would work for both smartphone operating systems.

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