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Laravel 6

Exciting news: Laravel has just released a new update – Laravel 6.0. For those who aren't familiar with Laravel, it is a leading open-source PHP web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax and is named the best PHP framework for 2019. (Read more)

This new release uses Semantic Versioning (for the first time). This release also includes compatibility with Laravel Vapor, improved authorisation responses, job middleware, lazy collections, sub-query improvements and many more!

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New Features and Improvements of Laravel 6

Semantic Versioning

The Laravel framework package now follows the semantic versioning standard, meaning the framework is now consistent with the other first-party Laravel packages already following this versioning standard.

Laravel Vapor Compatibility

Laravel Vapor | Fonseka Innovations
Laravel Vapor

This version provides compatibility with Laravel Vapor. Laravel Vapor is an auto-scaling server-less deployment platform. Laravel Vapor can help you manage, create, scale the databases directly from its intuitive dashboard. Not just the database, it controls the caching and queues and most importantly the cloud storage.

Improved Exceptions Via Ignition

Ignition is a new open-source exception page created by Freek Van der Herten and Marcel Pociot. This version improves the Blade templating errors, line handling, runnable solutions and many more.

Improved Authorisation Responses

Many developers had difficulties in retrieving and exposing the custom authorisation message to the end-users. Laravel 6 improved this capability which makes it much easier. They also introduced the Gate::insert methods for the authorisation policies. Not only that, it will return the messages to the front-end by using the helper methods.

Job Middleware

Similar to the middleware in the previous versions, Laravel 6 lets you wrap the logic around the queued job. This reduces the boilerplate in the jobs itself. This lets you handle job handle methods free of any rate-limiting the responsibilities.

Lazy Collections

Laravel 6 introduces a new collection, which is LazyCollection. This helps you to leverage the PHP's generators to allows to minimise the high memory usage.

Eloquent Subquery Enhancements

There are new enhancements and improvements in terms of the database subquery support. Which makes it easier to load subqueries inside one eloquent query. Also, there are many other additions which can make querying easier.

Laravel UI

All the previous Laravel frontend scaffoldings are bundled into a laravel/ui composer package. This makes it easier to version and separate it from the Laravel backend. You can simply install it by running the composer require laravel/ui command.

At Fonseka Innovations it’s about more than just building a website or a product, but crafting it together just for you. We have many years of experience with developing, maintaining Laravel applications. You can click the image below to learn more or contact us for any queries.

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Laravel Experts | Fonseka Innovations


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