Is digital optimisation difficult? One major goal of a successful business is the promotion of its brand to an audience. According to HubSpot digital marketing statistics, businesses are engaging better with their audience when they use digital channels. With proper optimisation, the digital infrastructure of the business can grow rapidly with quality and organic traffic towards the business website, ultimately providing them with more than 90% of the total audience reach. Fonseka Innovations can facilitate this pathway to help you traverse the business digital marketing channels, resulting in a well-executed business growth.

Today, our world is more digital than in the past. Hence, to excel in this digital era or to make an impact in the current market, businesses need to have a strong adaptable digital approach. Digital marketing campaigns will increase the business’ online presence with optimisation, or with email campaigns which are more time frame based.

This is where the optimisation process begins. Regular checks, goal updates, small changes keeping in touch with current trends, will lead you through the path of ‘Digital Optimisation’.

digital optimisation illustration
Digital marketing channels

Is this what digital marketers do?

Digital marketers aim is to track impressions, trends, keywords, clicks and converting them to traffic. It can be done by tools such as Google Analytics.

Digital optimisation is not only that, it combines:

  • Optimisation process, updating with content in a constant rate,
  • Optimisation of the user interface to give the best user experience,
  • Supporting the current trends and tools,
  • Search Engine Optimisation,
  • Optimising the digital marketing campaigns, setting goals and analysing previous approaches.

How can we help you optimise your digital presence on the web.

The key to success is having a well thought out plan. A step by step approach to reach the goal. This is where the digital optimisation process becomes a handy tool for a business. This process has been done repeatedly and is known to bring about good results. And it is known that the most challenging marketing tasks are: generation of leads, gaining more traffic, identifying the needs and trends, and the managing of the website. Fonseka Innovations is fully capable of understanding and planning the digital approach necessary for the business. With our help and consultation we can direct your business on the right path.

illustration of digital optimisation
Digital marketing plan –


According to Jody Nimetz Co, 96% of mobile searches lead to gaining more traffic for the business. Therefore, a business should not only focus on SEO and its content, but also on good user design to attract more users/customers who approach the business from various devices and locations. We have encountered many businesses struggling to keep up with the designs as some aren’t responsive, or lacking suitability.


How to approach digital optimisation?

  • Have a simple and responsive website design,
  • Monitor user experience and tweak to efficiently answer queries,
  • Commit to constant content creation,
  • Use proper techniques and tools to gain more traffic from SEO,
  • Plan and change it accordingly to support the current trends,
  • Analyse and get to know the business website performance.

We at Fonseka Innovations provide maintenance and support services:

  • The current web content, theme and architecture,
  • SEO and digital marketing which includes graphics and layouts,
  • 3rd party plugins,
  • Database backend maintenance under our maintenance activities.

“Strive for progress, not for perfection”

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