Wordpress 5.0 Bebo
WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’

WordPress is an online, open source website content creation tool. At present, it is one of the easiest and one of the most efficient content management tools around. WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’ revamped the code and user experience with enhancements and improvements of the workflow, widgets and most importantly introducing the CMS editor ‘Gutenberg’.

When does WordPress 5.0 come out?

As of 6th of December 2018, WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’ was released even though they planned on releasing it on the 19th of November, 2018. Which means it is already live and stable for you to update the website CMS.

What’s new on WordPress 5.0

Introducing WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’

As it is hard to accept big change on a content management system, WordPress 5.0 made sure the content creators and developers are able to have more flexibility with the intuitiveness of the new content management system. By which ‘Bebo’ gives the freedom to build and write.

  • The new block-based editor ‘Gutenberg’ text editor.
Gutenberg Text Editor
Gutenberg Text Editor

You can simply insert any block according to what you like. Each block contents distinct wrappers which help the content editors and developers to an intuitive building experience. These blocks can be created and reused across the text editor. The block-based UI gives it more flexibility and editing rich text experience. Not only that, it makes it easy and simple, also the blocks make it more secure by preserving the edits and total control of the blocks.

Twenty Nineteen Theme
Twenty Nineteen Theme – WordPress 5

The new theme comes with the ‘Gutenberg’ text editor inbuilt with the new design. The theme gives a better UI control to enhance the usability of the new text editor. Furthermore, this theme will let you translate the backend to the frontend more accurately thus making it simpler.

  • RESTful API
  • Media 5.0
  • JavaScript language pack 5

Should I update to WordPress 5?

If you are a big fan of the classical editor, it will be hard to give up. Don’t despair, WordPress 5 lets you use the classical editor instead of the new editor. There will be plenty of themes which will be published alongside the new text editor as well.

Before you upgrade to this system you might need to check whether it is compatible with the current plugins, themes. There will be conflicts in plugin handling and revamping the short codes to block structure. Therefore, you need more professional help in order to upgrade to 5.0. Fonseka Innovations help you upgrade and maintain your website with expert advice, high quality control.

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