Web Development Trend 2020
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Global digitalisation has progressed a step further this year. Despite the negative impact of the pandemic on many businesses, it certainly has not stopped the pace of web development this year. In fact, the reliance on the web was made stronger as society moved towards remote-friendly solutions.

Today, we focus on 3 development trends that have produced and popularised some of your favourites apps. These trending techniques, approaches and strategies are set to continue onto 2021.

Top 3 web development trends 2020



JavaScript limitations can make complex calculations slow which could hugely affect the user experience. However, WebAssembly code can be performed faster than JavaScript

WebAssembly is a new format that aims for native-like performance among web apps. With WebAssembly, the code in any programming language can be compiled into bytecode that runs in a browser.

This technology is suitable for applications that require heavy lifting such as online image or video editor, web game, P2P platform, music app, interactive educational and training apps, 3D mapping apps, etc.

Content personalisation through machine learning

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Artificial Intelligence is definitely on the rise. It is slowly influencing our everyday life subliminally. Let’s take Netflix as an example. Netflix engineers have implemented advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse user data and make decisions based on detected patterns to improve user experience.

By integrating your service with advanced machine learning features, customer behaviours can be analysed to help them optimise their user experience. This will ultimately increase their digital engagement with your service which will consequently lead to conversion.

Motion UI

By Mari Kostrova

From the animation design above we can see the fisherman looks like he was dozing off whilst waiting for the user to make an interaction. As the user makes a selection, the fisherman stands tall showing off his freshly caught fish.

As we advance further into the technology era, our attention span has significantly decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in a short 15 years. According to a study done by the Technical University of Denmark, the reason behind narrowing attention span is due to the abundance of information presented to us. With the constant high demands of our attention, we can only focus on the new trend for a short time. Hence, new UI design strategies are constantly modifying according to our users.

Motion UI, the simplistic UI design unites with sophisticated interactions is the next trendy new UI. To fight for attention from our users, these captivating motion UI is just the right tool to do so.

Beautiful animation, transitioning, hover, scrolling and more. It’s just breathtaking.

When trying to showcase certain things without overwhelming the user, the use of simple animations motion UI design can help your users to focus on one piece of information at a time.

Without a doubt, these engaging UI designs will hugely increase the user experience of your service.

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