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When was the last time you had some website maintenance? Having a regular maintenance schedule can improve the performance and security of your site. So, here’s a reminder to upkeep your website.

Are you wondering why you need to maintain your website?
Here’s why.

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Why Should You Have Website Maintenance?

There are many activities to ensure your site is up-to-date and performing as expected. Some actions could consist of:

  • Core Architecture Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Database Backups
  • Performance Checks & Site Audits
  • Web Hosting Configuration

Now, what’s the purpose of these website maintenance activities?

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86% of sites are hacked due to outdated WordPress, plugins or themes.
– WPBeginner

Your website could be vulnerable to hackers and breaches just from being outdated. Removing weak points and pesky bugs that are abused by hackers can improve the security of your website. Updating your core architecture, plugins, and themes will do the trick. Website security is the primary reason for website maintenance.

You can find out what your website is experiencing by installing security plugins. WordFence is a great option. This plugin can prevent breaches, see blocked countries & IPs, protect your website from attacks and more.

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Website maintenance can improve how your website performs. An up-to-date website can improve load times, functionality and activity. Even the smallest change, such as lazy-loading, could improve your load times.

If you have never checked your page speeds, check out Google’s PageSeed Insights. This tool goes through all the opportunities and issues your site has that are affecting its load times.

Choose Fonseka For Website Maintenance

If you are looking for someone to help maintain your site, Fonseka Innovations can help. We have worked closely with multiple websites to ensure that they are up-to-date. Start improving your website by contacting us today!

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