UI design trends are often recycled each year until they become ubiquitous amongst the masses. For 2021 dark mode has been on the rise due to it’s increased benefits and interesting look. AR will be booming in 2021 as designers now have access to many tools and software to create fun and exciting experiences. Let’s take a look at what 2021 has to offer for improved user interfaces.

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Dark Mode

The dark mode feature is gaining huge popularity among many mobile and web apps and surprisingly has some health benefits. This UI trend reduces eye strain by eliminating white spaces on webpages, in return enhances your focus during night-time hours. It also consumes less power depending on the type of screen you have. Most web apps or mobiles offer a dark mode feature you can switch on and off for the user’s comfort.

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Voice User Interfaces

Another major rising UI trend is voice user interfaces. They use voice commands to interact with a product hands-free, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. VUI challenges the graphical user interface as it can save users multiple steps and time when trying to access information in our fast-paced world. In 2021 we will see a lot of hands-free interactions as people find it easier to talk than type out their problems.

Netflix Dashboard
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Advanced personalisation

Advanced personalisation is crucial UI feature if you want to connect with your users in today's world. With personalised homepages and suggestions based on user’s data, this approach targets customers with individual content based on their provided information. Personalisation adds to the user experience by creating user-specific content, which can influence a user’s overall decision making.

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Augmented reality/ Virtual Reality

Augmented reality has paved the way for more immersive and interactive experiences. As more people are working from home, AR/VR has become an essential component in recreating a virtual office or interacting with co-workers in an immersive space. Many major companies and entertainment services are integrating AR/VR into their product experiences as it’s becoming more and more ubiquitous and accessible to the average person.

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UX Writing and Storytelling

Compelling storytelling of a product experience can engage users by using a number of interactive elements and in return creates a memorable brand experience. The wording and visual imagery are key to elevating your user's digital experience. 2021 will see more websites focused on the users' journey so that they can easily digest content-heavy information in a fun and relatable way.

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