Why Augmented Reality?

Woman shopping working learning and playing with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) in smartphones has helped and changed the way we work, learn, and play. From the enhanced gaming experience of "Pokemon Go" to the immersing educational application of "Anatomy 4D".

Particularly, the retail sector is benefiting the most from this new technology. As it provides a transformative way for consumers in shopping.

Augmented Reality is a fast-growing technology that allows consumers to have a real-life visualisation of any products in the comfort of their home. This will enormously improve customer engagement, experience, and ultimately satisfaction.

According to a survey done by Gartner, shopping with AR technology will reach 100 million consumers this year. Along with having 5G mobile network technology slowly rolling out globally. More consumers will undoubtedly adopt the use of Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality with a man on smartphone

Augmented Reality is a real-time process of combining graphics, video and audio by overlaying the images with real-world objects.

A little history lesson for all tech lovers.

The first functional AR application was used in the military in the 1990s. Where the “Heads-Up-Displays” (HUDs) was implemented in the aircraft and tanks’ viewfinder. Moreover, as technologies improve rapidly, our computer processors have made AR a norm.

Top 5 Trending Augmented Reality Phone Apps

IKEA Place

iOS & Android

IKEA Place Application

The Sweden furniture retail giant, IKEA, had released an augmented reality application called "IKEA Place" in 2017. Which has enormously changed the way customers shop with IKEA. Although the application has been released for three years, it is still one of the most popular augmented reality application in 2020.

With more than 2,000 true to scale IKEA products on IKEA Place. It has helped many shoppers in visualising how each product would look like in real life in the comfort of their home.


iOS & Android

Snapchat Augmented Reality

The social media app Snapchat has revolutionised the use of augmented reality. Its most popular feature, Lenses, provides the augmented reality experience for people to transform the way they look and the world around them.

Snapchat even has rolled out a new AR feature that allows Billboard advertisements to come to life. As a result, it will undoubtedly provide a brand new way for customers to interact with brands. Soon Snapchat may even lead the world in the advertisement world.


iOS & Android

Sephora Application

Sephora's augmented reality application, also known as “The Virtual Artist” allows customers to try on their beauty products with the touch of their smartphones. By using facial recognition technology, this awesome application has allowed customers to simulate many different looks.

This app even offers tutorials for customers to learn about different contouring techniques. What's awesome is that when using their contouring tutorial on the app, it will automatically overlay the contouring look onto the customer's face.


iOS & Android

Woman with tattoo that may have used augmented reality app

Getting tattoos has been increasingly popular among youth. According to market research done by Harris Poll, there are a few reasons to why people are getting tattoos: sexy(33%), attractive(32%), rebellious(27%), spiritual(20%), intelligent(13%), employable(10%), and healthy(9%). All in all, tattoos seem to serve a positive purpose according to these people.

For all those tattoo lovers, you are in luck.

Inkhunters is a tattoo simulation application which allows you to choose designs from its rich galleries or even your own design. It allows ease of visualisation of how a piece of tattoo would look on you. Which provides users to view the tattoo from all angles. Alternatively, the app even allows you to edit any designs on the app to suit everyone. Where you can also share it with your friends to request some design recommendations.


iOS & Android

Amazon Shopping Augmented Reality

Have you ever bought anything online and had the fear that you might not receive what you have expected to?

Many shoppers have experienced a tad fear of online shopping due to the loopholes of internet security when it first starts out. To increase online-shoppers experience and minimise their fears, Amazon has brought augmented reality technology to shoppers

This new Amazon AR technology essentially allows shoppers to view all products in real-life on anywhere shoppers desire. This is to ensure accurate sizing and compatibility of shoppers existing items such as furniture.

Amazon recently has also partnered up with L’Oreal to enhance the beauty shopper’ experience. By integrating L'Oreal's AR app "ModiFace". L'Oreal shoppers are now enabled to try on thousands of different lipsticks before actually buying it.

The Final Word

The integration of augmented reality has opened up many opportunities to many technological advancements throughout numerous online marketplaces such as Amazon. With the rapid advancement of AR technology, interactive AR may soon become a norm as well. Where shoppers may actually use the products rather than just viewing them.

If you have any AR ideas that you want to turn into reality. Fonseka Innovations is here to provide you with solutions to unleash your creativity. If this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

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