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A business grows in all sorts of ways. Marketing tools are key players in growing a business. This article will go through some of the best tools a company can use to gain more interaction and engagement to their business.


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A single website to post all your posts at the same time. Hootsuite is an awesome tool for social media scheduling and monitoring. The website allows the user to connect to all the major social media platforms to view all the previous, scheduled posts and any mentions or tags for their accounts. Hootsuite has a variety of plans, but a free option is available for 1 user and 3 accounts. Which can be used for the three big social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).


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Another all-rounder! When thinking of marketing tools, Mailchimp should come to mind. By creating campaigns, a user can send content to almost any type of platform (email, social media, landing page, etc.). This tool also gives the user the capability to create an audience to send campaigns to. For example, if a business has a monthly newsletter that they send out to any subscribed user, the audience feature comes in really handy. Mailchimp shows all the statistics, from unsubscribers to URL clicks.

Google Analytics

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Monitoring a website’s engagement and performance is always important. Google Analytics is one of the best tools for analysing a website’s performance. This tool shows almost everything. Important information on audiences, what pages users visit and where they came from along with other statistics on peak times, locations and more.

Landing Pages

Creating a page for a specific topic or product is a smart way to market. Having an abundant amount of landing pages can increase the amount of first-page search appearances, which is what we all want.

Using specific keywords on one page can potentially rank that page on the first page of Google or any search engine. Now SEO is a tricky skill to master but with tools like HIKE and Ubersuggest, SEO can become a whole lot easier.

Social Media

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This should be an obvious one. Posting content for people to see is the basics now. Getting as much content out for your audience will allow them to understand your business and will give them more options to click o your site or download an app. Most social media platforms allow businesses to run ads, so investing in a Facebook or Instagram story ad will multiply the amount of leads a business could bring in.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories | Marketing Tools

Instagrams Stories is the new way to connect with your audience. It allows followers to see what is going on behind the scenes. We talked about how to use Instagram Stories to grow a business in a previous post, here.

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