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Why We Embrace Test Driven Development

Why We Embrace Test Driven Development

The primary goal of any software that we create at Fonseka Innovations is to solve business problems. The secondary goal is the ease of use of the systems that we create...
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One to One Business Meeting-Financial adviser with a client

Why A Client Portal Is Essential To Business?

Connecting with customers is in an ongoing evolution with technology. Companies need to be prepared as the digital world is taking over. Before, emails and phone calls were the norm, but now businesses need to...
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Yoga trio doing an intricate yoga position.

The Importance of Trust in Business

It’s time we talk about Trust. Whether it be between two businesses, a business and its customers, or on an inter-organisational level, trust is incredibly important. It lies at the centre of every successful relationship...
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Illustrations of how cash isn't needed.

A Cashless Life – Digital Transformation

Reading Time: 03:31 mins Ditching the wallet… Fur, gold coins, paper money and now credit cards. One thing has remained constant during the evolution of money and that is our need to carry it with us...
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Image of a Myriad Archway

The Myriad of Innovation In Brisbane This Winter

Myriad 2018 was a positive stepping stone toward greater things-to-come in the field of Technology and Innovation. The three-day event arrived in sunny Brisbane, Queensland a few weeks ago and ran between the 16th and...
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A group of women having a happy discussion

Women are Timeless in Tech

Women are Timeless in Tech Technology is ever-changing, engaging and exciting. No one knows what the newest tech invention, program or media will be. But we should know the value of women in tech is...
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Header image for GravCMS vs. Wordpress.

Top 2 CMS for Small Business in 2018

Best CMS for Small Business – Our Top Pick CMS stands for a Content Management System. There is an abundance of these systems out there that you can choose from for your business website. In...
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How businesses can get sales from mobile apps.

Three trends that will shape the app industry in 2018

The app scene is still thriving and here are the three trends that are shaping the app industry in 2018. Voice controlled features and household appliances. Voice-controlled features are amongst the most debated subjects in...
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User on an iPad using an online mobile shopping app.

Shopping via mobile apps might not be as profitable. Here’s why.

Consumer behaviour towards shopping. The introduction of online shopping or e-commerce has been a game changer for both businesses and consumers. Apart from shopping at brick and mortar stores, consumers are able to research and...
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