UI Design Trends 2021
A list of UI trends that will take 2021 by storm. From augmented reality to the health benefits of dark mode for user interfaces.
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2021 Tech Predictions
With 2021 is just around the corner. There are many things to look forward to for tech. Here are our predictions for what’s to come for tech in 2021.
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Best of 2020: Innovations
With 2020 coming to an end, let us recount the innovations that were the most impactful this year. Will these innovations continue to benefit us?
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How to use Picture-in-Picture in iPhone’s New iOS14
Picture in Picture is an awesome feature which lets you watch videos in the corner of your screen while you do other things on your phone.
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Instagram Reels: A New TikTok?
Instagram recently released their newest venture, Instagram Reels. Some might say this is due the to banning of TikTok around the globe, others might say...
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Logo Design: How They Changed Over The Decades
Logos and logo design can be considered the profile pictures for brands. A lot of brands will update their logo design to keep up to date with the curren...
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Three of The Most Interesting Startups in Queensland
Brisbane's held the position of being the 2nd largest city in Australia for startups. Check out some of the most intriguing startups in the sunshine state.
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Latest Digital Marketing Trends
Looking for new marketing trends? Trends come and go all the time and businesses need to follow these trends to stay relevant...
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One to One Business Meeting-Financial adviser with a client
Connecting with customers is in an ongoing evolution with technology. Companies need to be prepared as the digital world is taking over. Before, emails and phone calls were the norm, but now businesses need to be present on countless platforms to easily connect with the client. The client portal allows both parties to manage their...
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Yoga trio doing an intricate yoga position.
It’s time we talk about Trust. Whether it be between two businesses, a business and its customers, or on an inter-organisational level, trust is incredibly important. It lies at the centre of every successful relationship and it requires time. However, with our instant-satisfaction culture, businesses are falling prey to placing the building of trust as...
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