3 Layers of Web Development
You are getting into web development and need to know the fundamentals of building a web page. To summarise, the 3 web development layers consist of...
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Native application development languages
Native app development is developing an application for a specific platform, making use of its platform specific features. The advantages are...
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Keep Your Application In Good Health During Your Holiday Break
App maintenance is essential specially during this Christmas break. There are few things to keep the organisation applications up and running.
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Web Development Trends 2020
In this fast-changing world, technology is always changing. Some of the latest development trend to look out for in 2020.
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What's New in Laravel 8?
Laravel 8 has brought many new flexible and powerful features such as Laravel Jetstream. Many existing features have also been enhanced hugely.
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How To Convert More Leads Using A Custom Quoting System
In today's business world, many processes have been improved by automating software such as CRM, e-commerce software and even quoting software.
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Shopify or SquareSpace: Looking for the right eCommerce platform?
With the increasing growth of internet users, many businesses have started shifting their business to Shopify and Squarespace. But which one is better?
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Contact Tracing Applications
Contact Tracing has its pros and cons. However, it has helped many countries in fighting with COVID-19
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GraphQL, REST API are two different ways to send data over HTTP. TheREST approach is more traditional and GraphQL is a new way to overcome many limitations.
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How To Get An App Developed
Whether your app is small or the next million-dollar app, developing an app is exciting! Here are some important things to consider for app development
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