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Website Maintenance

We perform regular checks; updating graphics, text, code, SEO, plugin and platform; and troubleshooting technical issues for users. Websites are usually built with a host of technologies & services, coalesced into a single working solution and we make sure all these parts function as expected.

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Application Maintenance

Performing regular checks, updating core architecture and troubleshooting technical issues for users is just the start. Apps are engineered with a host of technologies & services, coalesced into a single working solution and we make sure all these parts function as expected.  Ongoing work on tests & documenting solutions for other users is also part of this service.

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General Troubleshooting

We are available to fix any troubleshooting issues that you may come across. This can be from an email matter or a functionality problem with your current software. We are experts in risk management and we believe that almost every problem has a solution. We will solve the issue as soon as possible, just contact us here.

Risk Management

Some businesses will create a product and think it is finished but that is not the case. Applications, websites and software need to be updated frequently to keep up with competition and evolve. Check out other fatal mistakes businesses make here.

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We provide lightening-fast hosting via Sydney based servers to websites and also offer cloud-hosting setup & management via industry-leading providers such as Digital Ocean. 


As part of our 360 service to our clients, domain registration and management come at affordable pricing. The registration process takes only minutes and you will be on your way to creating the next online sensation!


We are able to help you setup office365 emails or Google Apps to work with your new domain allowing for a quick professional communication setup. Tutorials are also provided as per need.


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Digital Strategy

We can help you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC advertising (Google Adwords), Risk Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Marketing Automation in general to leverage the numerous digital channels available. such as search engines. Our development services can also create effective landing pages for various needs. We can help measure success and identify areas for improvement using Website Analytics, User Experience Tracking, A/B testing and host of other modern techniques. 

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People are key to any successful business. With our extensive network in the industry and history of sourcing quality candidates for our clients, we can take our understanding of your business and team culture, and bringing back the fun in growing your team. Our partners have a wealth of experience and will work hand in hand to deliver the right people to your organisation. Furthermore, our senior staff will always be available to run the final rule to ensure that we keep to our high standards at Fonseka Innovations. 

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In this context, onboarding is the act of helping fresh users understand and effectively use an application solution. This can involve several different activities to ensure that the target market engages with the application in the intended way to reap maximum value gain.

Onboarding can include in-app help & tutorials, user helpdesk, manuals & knowledge base, group or one- on-one walkthroughs and on-site workshops. It doesn’t matter if your user is a stranger or your staff, onboarding is an essential toolkit for app distribution.

Application Onboarding

The way you welcome, on board and induct a new user to your application is the key to setting them up for success with your product. 

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