Shopping via mobile apps might not be as profitable. Here’s why.

User on an iPad using an online mobile shopping app.

Consumer behaviour towards shopping.

The introduction of online shopping or e-commerce has been a game changer for both businesses and consumers.

Apart from shopping at brick and mortar stores, consumers are able to research and purchase items at the click of a button, without having to leave their door. Offering an endless range of choices and lower prices, same-day delivery undermines the immediacy of brick and mortar. The popularity of mobile shopping is astounding but studies have shown transactions declining over the past few years.


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Here are three reasons why e-commerce sales are declining in mobile apps.

Mobile browsing is a popular method for researching.

The vast majority of information available online allows shoppers to conduct research during their commute. Mobile users can quickly access product information within seconds, giving them the freedom of decision making before committing to purchasing a product. Hence with the luxury of decision time, it has further encouraged shoppers to abandon their cart before checkout. Despite the popularity, mobile apps experience a higher phenomenon with shopping cart abandonment as compared to desktop-based online shopping.

Image viewing difference from smartphones to computers.

The disparity in screen size can affect the viewing experience for shoppers. According to new research, shoppers worry about not seeing the full picture, missing out on special offers or overlooking hidden costs. This shifts your perception in viewing purchases, making browsers much more ambivalent upon completing a transaction.

Compulsory Registration, Privacy and Security issues

One of the biggest turnoffs in some checkout processes is being forced to register on the website in order to complete the purchase. Removing the registration process allows shoppers to experience smoother shopping experience, converting potential browsers into purchasing customers.

How businesses can get sales from mobile apps.

How can companies reduce cart abandonment in mobile apps.

App designers can help by minimising clutter to include only necessary elements on the device’s limited screen space and organising sites via effective product categorisation or filter options so consumers can find products more easily. Adding special offers or coupons at the checkout stage can encourage shoppers to complete the checkout.

Offering loyalty discount or codes provide an opportunity for existing customers to return.

“Shop now and pay later” method.

To further entice shoppers in completing the transaction, prominent promotion of ‘shop now, pay later’ on product pages and as early as possible during the checkout is key. Mobile shoppers tend to make quick or spontaneous purchases hence payment instalments at checkouts would be ideal for mobile customers.

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