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Knowing if your password is safe is difficult.

So the question I ask you is, do you know how many of your passwords have been breached? There is a high likelihood that a number of your passwords have been and you don’t even know it.

Determining whether or not your password is good is through a scale of weak to strong, generated by looking at how many symbols, capital letters, numbers, etc. that you use. We never know how accurate that scale is or if it is easy for someone to compromise your accounts.

Thousands of passwords are being hacked every day so what can you do to make sure one of your passwords isn’t one of them?

Here are 3 different ways for you to see which of your passwords have been compromised and how you can make your passwords safer.

Have I been pwned?

Have I been pwned is a free resource, accessible to anyone to assess if their online accounts have been compromised or “pwned”.

This resource can assess whether or not a person is at risk for their personal details being accessed through a data breach. A data breach is an unintentional exposure of your details through a compromised website or application.

Have I been pwned was created to be a benefit to the community, to keep everyone’s personal and private information safe. Being notified when there is pwnage and when your account is compromised is easy. All the information they need is your email and they will notify you with what breaches you have been pwned in.

You can stay notified and take whatever actions are needed to keep your details safe and secure.

Want to find out if you have been pwned? Find out more here.


Ever forget your passwords and wish you could just have one password without feeling like your accounts will get hacked?


1Password is the easiest password manager that keeps your passwords stored and lets you use strong passwords without the worry of forgetting it. One single click is all it takes to securely log in to sites and fill in forms with personal details.

1Password remembers all your details for you.

All you need to do is create an account and fill in the information you want to be remembered and secured.

1Password comes in different forms, allowing you to keep others in your life’s personal details safe as well.

You can find the perfect type of 1Password that suits you. Find out more here.

Or search

Chrome Password Checkup extension

Specifically to all of your passwords, Chrome offers a Password Checkup extension, where all of the passwords you have used through your Chrome browser are checked to see if any of your accounts are unsafe to use.

It is difficult to know whether your accounts are unsafe, this extension allows you to be notified if your password has been hacked and needs to be changed. It allows you to re-secure accounts that are affected by a data breach.

This extension is designed for privacy, keeping your personal details hidden but giving clear warnings of what actions you need to take.

Get more pieces of information and add it to your Chrome through here

All of these different password secure options are very practical and easy to use. It is so important to keep your personal and private information safe.

So many people today repeat the same passwords to make it easier for them to remember it or they use easy passwords using names of people in their life or their date of birth. This makes it easy for your accounts to be compromised.

Using any of the 3 options above, allows you to stay aware of how safe your accounts really are. Take action and keep your p***words hidden.

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