Alright, let's talk about the epic battle between sales vs marketing?

Both of these topics are aimed to gain money for a company. But, there is quite a difference between the two. From definitions to durations to strategies.

So let's start with the basics, what are the definitions?



A sale is when a buyer receives goods or a service in exchange for a payment. Sales are how companies earn revenue to stay afloat. Whether it be selling paper or a paintball offer, sales are a cornerstone for business.


So, marketing are actions to promote the buying or a sale of a product. These activities include all sorts of advertising like social media and print.

The aim is to gain the target audience to view the advertising and then potentially convincing the viewer to purchase the product/service.

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The Differences

The time spent for sales is more of a short-term duration while the marketing timeframe is long-term.

Also, a sales strategy is pushing a product to customers.

Marketing uses a pull strategy, where the business is trying to pull in customers to look at their product/service to potentially buy the product.

Sales are focused on the product. Everything about the product. While marketing is more customer-focused. More differences can be found, here.

Let's Turn It Into Sales & Marketing

A good business would connect the dots and take advantage of the pros of both processes. Use both strategies to gain more revenue for the business.

So, pull in more customers by marketing customer-focused products/services through advertising. With those customers that have been 'pulled in', the business should push the products to complete the sale.

Integrating Into Your Business

To sum up, turn leads into sales with Fonseka Innovations. If you or your business don't have the skills to market or sell a product. Fonseka Innovations are here to help.

Our marketing team are great are managing campaigns. Whether it be through emails, SMS, social media or print our team are more than capable in producing the best results for your business.

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