We are all #ReadyForSport.

Adidas has sparked some creativity in other businesses, sports teams and supporters to take part in their advertisement strategy. This campaign encourages everyone to take part and use the hashtag, #ReadyForSport to help promote their brand as well as build up the hype for sport returning.

YouTube – Adidas

The campaign was released at mid-August and in preparation of all the major sports returning. This campaign was created to inspire and remind athletes and supporters how great sport is and what we can look forward to when this 2020 challenge is over.

You Can’t Stop Us vs. #ReadyForSport

YouTube – Nike

Unlike the impressively shot Nike ad, this campaign offers participation. The Nike commercial had a similar message but didn’t give viewers the opportunity to take part in the campaign.

Which is why the Adidas’ #ReadyForSport works so well. Teams from all types of sports have and can take part. Here are a few #ReadyForSport campaigns that we think live up to the hype.

YouTube – Adidas

Although the campaign started 4 months ago, videos are still bringing in huge numbers. Like this one, with over 45 million views!

Arsenal, along with other football teams, also joined the party for all the football or soccer fans out there.

YouTube – Adidas

Although these videos are only 1 minute long, the message and the way it is shown is very powerful. Adidas has done a great job creating the #ReadyForSport campaign and have tried to involve the viewers as well.

With Instagram stickers and the use of the hashtag, there is an opportunity for virality. The more people view or use the hashtag, impressions, engagement and clicks will boost.

#ReadyForSport Instagram

Adidas also has a webpage that explains and showcases athletes, and sports that have taken part in the campaign. Read about athletes stories and how they were affected by the pandemic.

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