The Preferred Fuel at the Workplace in 2020

Working in the workplace
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Let’s face it, on some days we all do well to hop out of bed and bring ourselves to work. However, getting yourself there is just the beginning. How do you sustain your energy throughout the day so you can perform to your highest capabilities? It can be challenging without the right fuel.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of the most popular go-to beverages that workers everywhere consume to help get them through the day. Different fuels can affect your brain functions in various ways and some can even increase your productivity.


Glass of Water
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Water is the single greatest beverage and it constitutes part of all other fuels on this list. We have all heard the benefits of drinking water. Not only does drinking it keeps us hydrated, but it also boosts the fresh oxygen content in our body and is known to even transfer moods/emotions. The benefits of water do not stop there though. Drinking water is known to cure some migraines. Not to mention, it has zero calories!

Be mindful as to what kind of water you drink. Fresh, slightly cold water is perfect. Also, ensure to drink at least 2 litres a day. If you begin to feel thirsty know that your body is already dehydrated so be sure to rehydrate.

As you can see, water is a great fuel choice but our other options are preferable if you’re in need of an extra kick!


Cup of coffee as work fuel
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One of the most popular beverages in the world, there’s a reason coffee is the fuel of choice for many in their day to day lives. It’s the preferred method for intaking caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulating substance that decreases tiredness and increases energy levels, attentiveness, and the ability to focus. This presents an incredible option for workers who need a push to stay awake during those long office hours, but which type of coffee is the best to take?

For maximised mental awareness during the workday drinking any coffee, black or white, will both do the trick. Black coffee, however, has an extremely high pH level so adding milk will reduce the pH if you suffer from acidic sensitivity.

There are some drawbacks that come from adding to your coffee though. Try to avoid adding sugar and milk into your cup if you are watching your weight. Both are loaded with calories! Instead, why not opt for a lower-calorie alternative like almond milk.


Friends drinking tea to fuel their day
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Surprisingly, tea is the most consumed beverage around the world. The consumption and benefits from drinking tea date back over a millennium.

From black to white, to rosemary; This fuel comes in a wide range of types and infusions which can affect the brain in various ways. Some teas have a calming effect such as chamomile tea and rosemary tea. Other teas can provide relief from nausea, or digestive discomforts such as peppermint and ginger tea. Wow!

At the start of the working day try drinking green tea. This tea possesses the benefits of both, caffeine and L-theanine. This amino acid improves mood, reduces mental stress and boosts working memory! This tea is even known to help with fat loss!

Like coffee, tea contains caffeine (and it’s benefits) however in a much smaller amount. Be sure to stick with black, green or white teas to get a slight caffeine hit!

Energy Drink

Energy fuel in a can
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Energy drinks are PACKED with caffeine and are a popular fuel for anyone needing an energy boost. Energy drinks have a wide variety of tongue-warping flavours, exciting packaging, and ridiculous flavour names for you to explore.

These flavours-packed drinks provide you with a jolt of caffeine and are usually loaded with sugar too. This also boosts energy levels.

This boost is also the downside to energy drinks. Due to their high sugar content, energy drinks will also cause a sugar crash. On top of this, this high-calorie drink won’t be burned whilst you are sitting still at your desk. Unfortunately, it will go straight to your waist. You were warned!

Fuel to Enhance Productivity in your day

caffeine is the fuel of choice
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The Optimal Work Fuel

With tea and coffee being the two most popular beverages in the world, it seems the world and its workers are being fuelled by caffeine. The other popular fuel options offer some benefits, but a sugarless coffee seems the best choice for increasing productivity – without a sugar crash!

The secret ingredient to kickstarting your day and improving your productivity is caffeine. The substance has been proven to improve mental performance but there are additional ways to maximize the benefits of this drink.

Studies have shown that workers who take coffee breaks together show an overall improvement in their productivity! So next time you need fuel, don’t be afraid to drink a cup of joe on your break… and bring a co-worker with you next time. (It’s to benefit your workplace!)

Here’s one final tip when it comes to sustaining energy and concentration during the day. There is a simple technique you can do just about anywhere. Be sure to take a few deep breaths every couple of hours. This will help you stay alert and focused.

We hope you found this list insightful. At Fonseka Innovations, we aim to maximise productivity and are guilty of consuming too much caffeine. Fonseka Innovations helps entrepreneurs and business owners with mindset workshops which help to increase productivity and share many great simple takeaways as some of the ones mentioned here. To book a workshop go here.

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