How to use Picture-in-Picture in iPhone’s New iOS14

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Credit: Amber Neely

With Picture-in-picture, you will be able to multitask more efficiently.

This nifty feature allows you to perform FaceTime or watch a video whilst using other apps.

Which in my opinion, is pretty cool and useful.

Although this feature is not new, Apple had already released this feature on the iOS13 iPad. But having to include this functionality onto the iPhone, users will be able to efficiently type up important notes whilst performing a face-timing call.

Sadly not all the video applications will work but keep that in mind Apple, is working on making more applications available to this feature. Here is a current list of applications that works with this feature.

Learn the How-to

iPhone Picture-in-picture
Credit: Juli Clover
  1. Open a compatible video app, such as Netflix or the Apple TV App
  2. Search for your video content
  3. Tap the play button
  4. In the top left corner, tap the picture-in-picture icon (for some applications such as Netflix all you have to do is press the home button)

Position Adjust

Whilst in this excellent mode, you will be able to move the video box up and down the screen to find a better location for viewing while you are focusing on other things.


Hiding Icon

If you have something important that requires the use of 100% of your screen, you can simply swipe your video that’s in the picture-in-picture mode left or right.

To get it back, just follow the arrow and swipe back.

Size adjust

If the video size is either too big or small and you need to adjust it for your need. Simply place two fingers on the video and spread your fingers out to increase the video size, and spread-in to decrease the video size.

Return to fullscreen

When you’ve finally decided to go back and give your video 100% attention. You can simply tap the picture-in-picture video icon on the video, and voila! You’re back to the fullscreen mode.


YouTube has reserved its picture-in-picture feature only for its premium subscribers. Hence, if you are not willing to pay, then you will just have to pay 100% on your video!

Fonseka Innovations

With many potentially possibility you could use this feature on, I personally feel like a lot of busy people will be able to benefit from this feature. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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