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AG Claims showcase description image (Mobile, AG Tech, Application)

Version 2.0 was released in late 2018 of AgClaims Mobile Assessor. This application provides a convenient, secure and reliable method of assessing claims. With be-spoke user interface and design, this app is an industry leader in the enterprise level products targeted towards modernising services around agriculture. 

AG Claims application on all mobile devices. Brisbane App Developers
AG Claims Logo

This is an enterprise application – exclusively only available to staff

5 Star Builders website on a iMac screen
5 Star Builders Logo

5Star Builders are one of the premier construction companies in Sydney with a reputation for quality Granny Flats and beautiful homes. As a result, we have built a revised and maintained their suite of modern websites with tremendous results to business growth. 

Heilbronns Rockhampton Logo, sunshine coast web design, ipswich web design
Heilbronns Rockhampton website on laptop, iPad and iPhone screens.

The Heilbronns site redesign is a modern, responsive e-commerce website that provides customers a delightful country goods shopping experience. Most importantly, the site paid for itself within 2 months and continues to grow in profits. 

The Global Elite website on laptop and iPad screens.
Global Elite Logo

Global Elite is a leader in sports recruitment with a track record of success from Executive Searches to Performance Coaching. We created a brand new look and website for Global Elite 2 years ago. Moreover, we have shown the value of consistent maintenance of a website via this project –  every KPI has doubled year on year and the site has vastly improved in speed/usability.  

The Global Elite website on laptop and iPad screens.
Public Liability Insurance Logo, sunshine coast web design
PLI screen on an iMac

This web application allows online customers to compare and buy Public Liability Insurance coverage in a quick, convenient and transparent way. In addition, the application also includes a custom backend for this business, which allows them to manage users, customers, active, pending, and completed orders, and a lot more. Not to mention, Public Liability Insurance Instant Quote Calculator has continued to improve sales and maintained an industry smashing 9% conversion rate for over 12 months. 

erelations on a tablet
eRelations website on a tablet.
erelations logo

eRelations™ Online is an online ER product developed by Rebecca Taumalolo. Rebecca has worked in employee relations in Australia for more than 15 years and is the Founder of Enhanced ER.

We created a bespoke platform for Rebecca to manage and deliver premium content as a subscription service. This is one of our best success stories – the product paid for itself and some more from initial subscription purchases.

The Williams Woolshed Website on laptop and iMac screens.
The Williams Woolshed Logo

A great example of fully-custom design that is on-brand, the William’s Woolshed Site provides customers with information about their services. In addition, the menus and entry to their brand new online shop. This is a truly unique website which is eye-catching and stands out among increasingly cookie-cutter, monotonous websites.

The Williams Woolshed Website on laptop and iMac screens.
Bluewell Logo
The Bluewell Website on laptop, iPad and iPhone screens.

Bluewell Business Insurance provides customers with Insurance Cover tailored to their needs. As a result, we maintain a suite of websites owned and managed by Bluewell including the flagship site. With custom integrations in the backend to automate several daily processes, the company has seen many gains in optimisations. 

Rentzi website on a iMac screen.
Rentzi Logo

Rentzi users have the opportunity to be an owner, a renter, or both! Rentzi isn’t a classified. It’s totally free to join and free to post ads. Further, Rentzi allows people to search for items or services and book them for rent. Despite a difficult start with underwhelming developers. Rentzi found Fonseka Innovations to bring the application to release standards. And above all, provide a better example of professional product development. 

Stellar Home Logo

Stellar Home was an online platform that connected customers with trusted home service professionals. We were the first create this type of service in Australia. In addition, we redefined the way busy people outsource domestic duties in just a few quick clicks. We developed and maintained this product for over 3 years before it reach end of life and was part of a technology transfer. 

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