A highlighter on a calendar to show how new years resolutions can be achieved.

It’s better to start early than never.

Well before you know it, we have survived the first week of 2018! Time flies quickly and before WE know it. The folks at Fonseka Innovations are all busy trying to achieve those aspirational new year goals and resolutions that we made as the clock ticked midnight.

Have you made any new year resolutions for this year? I have to confess that I haven’t as I believe in creating specific targets and action plans than “setting goals”.

So why can’t we set new year resolutions or goals and actually follow them through?

According to psychology today, new year resolutions don’t work as we, humans, are conditioned to do things based on habits. Things such as eating healthier, starting a side hustle and exercising more are not definitive enough for us to be motivated. Instead, we can create actionable goals such as having a green smoothie twice a week, starting a blog this week or choosing the stairs over escalators.

By making these goals easy and attainable, we are able to condition ourselves into forming this new pattern and making it a habit as time passes.  It totally applies to career goals as well.

While you can absolutely settle for your salary and make the best of what you have, some experts say there is a better way. Imagine if you could earn more money without switching careers or getting that raise you’ve been praying for.  What if your best investment is a side hustle?

Here’s how to actually achieve new year resolutions.

Skip a night of evening TV watching and start spending some time generating ideas and baby steps in creating the side hustle you’ve always dreamed of.  Doing so everyday forms a new habit of growing your new business you’ve never thought of.

Here at Fonseka Innovations, we can support you in achieving your dreams and entrepreneurial goals, tailoring your business ideas to consumers’ needs.

Give it a try here! This year you can create and start your New Year’s resolutions with a simple risk-free first step. What have you got to lose?

Credits: Forbes

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