For the last three years, Brisbane, alongside the state of Queensland, has held the position of being the second-largest city in Australia for basing and launching startups. The startup scene in Brisbane shows no sign of slowing down, having grown quickly over only two years. This is in contrast with Sydney's startup arena, which took eight years to reach the place that Queensland currently stands. With hundreds of new businesses launched each year in the Sunshine State, here are the facts on three of Queensland's most interesting startups.

3 Interesting Queensland Startups


floodmapp | startups

FloodMapp is a Brisbane based company that aims to help tackle one of Australia's most frequent and costliest disasters. With live rain and river data, FloodMapp uses its Digital Elevation Model to predict flooding. It is also used to create digital map overlays that display this flooding. Founded February 2018 by Juliette Murphy and Ryan Prosser, FloodMapp helps both energy and utilities companies to accurately estimate risks, while allowing them to minimise damage. FloodMapp also assists insurance companies with improving the safety of policyholders and streamline claim responses.


naeus | startups

Naeus is an Ipswich app developed by Tim and Jeremy Butler in collaboration with innovation hub Fire Station 101. Naeus aims to get people out and about by exploring the many hiking and bushwalk trails in the Ipswich area. The app enables users to view and select different trails in their chosen area. They are presented with information about the tracks such as the time required to complete and level of difficulty. Naeus offers hikers live weather updates, and allows them to track their progress. They can also view elevation and points of interests along the trail, and snap and share photos with other users. The app even includes a feature for hikers to report issues and hazards to both warn other users and notify council services.

Despite only being released earlier in the year, Naeus is a promising app. It uses digital technology to encourage people to go outside and explore when this type of technology can often do the opposite.


travelshoot | startups

Travelshoot is an app that helps people travelling the world connect with photographers in their current location and facilitates the organisation of photoshoots. Developed by Sarah Pearce, Travelshoot's services are currently available in 90 different cities in Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Travelshoot's simple process begins with booking a shoot, where users are able to specify any preferences. Travelshoot then matches the user with a photographer that suits their requirements. After meeting for the shoot, customers are able to have the photos in their hands just 48 hours later.

Founded in 2012, Travelshoot capitalises on a key feature of travel that has emerged in recent years; that is the higher quality of photographs for social media. While taking photos of your travels is nothing new, perfecting photos of your adventures for online use has become the norm with the rise in social media use. But what happens if you find yourself with the perfect photo opportunity and no-one to take it? Travelshoot has bridged the gap between wanting the perfect travel photo and overcoming the difficulty of finding a photographer in an unfamiliar location.

More to come…

With successful and innovative startups such as these leading the way, more and more new small businesses are achieving success in Queensland. It will be fascinating to see what other exciting ideas come along in the future.

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