Looking for new marketing trends? Trends come and go all the time and businesses need to follow these trends to stay relevant and boost their public image. It’s 2019 and we need to learn about the latest digital marketing trends to keep up.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability for a digital computer to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings, according to Britannica (2019). Facebook Messenger are now using chatbots that will automatically answer a question to help enhance that business’ customer service. This competitive advantage allows 24/7 service for customers.

Gartner stated that, by 2020, 30% of companies worldwide will be using AI in at least one of their sales processes.

Big companies like Apple (Siri), Google (Assistant) and Amazon (Alexa) all have their own type of AI and basically anyone that owns a smartphone or smart speaker has access to these AI examples. These software are typically activated with voice, so users are able to ask almost any question and the AI will give an answer. With Amazon Echo you are able to order anything off Amazon with just a simple request. Optimising a business to work with voice search, can increase the amount of online orders because it is so easy.

The potential of voice search

Social Media Stories

Social media stories are another example of marketing trend. Almost all the biggest platforms have introduced their version of ‘stories’. Companies and influencers are now using stories to their advantage. According to Instagram, businesses have the ability to target your ads through difference factors like:

  • Reach
  • Video views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • App installs
  • Brand awareness


Another digital marketing trend is around leveraging influencers. If you’re not familiar, businesses will contact an influencer with a desired following to advertise a product through that influencer. Daniel Wellington is a watchmaking company that has seen the potential of ‘brand deals’ which have expanded their audience.

Daniel Wellington Brand Deal Post

Also, video marketing with or without influencers is happening. Using a video can interest the customer to view an ad for a short 10 seconds to a minute. Using the social media stories is a good example for video marketing. Again, companies can collaborate with influencers to advertise a product over stories or YouTube videos.

Video marketing trends illustration
Using videos to market a product


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