What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. This framework is based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building UI. However, as React.JS targets browsers, it targets only mobile platform using only a single JavaScript codebase. However, the standard Native development was mainly developed using Java and Kotlin, or Swift or Objective-C.

React Native

React Native vs Native?

React Native isn’t necessary better than standard Native development. But React Native’s main advantage compared to Native is enabling single JavaScript codebase for 2 different platforms. Furthermore, not only is it easier to maintain the app for both platforms, but also it requires less resources. There is no need for both iOS and Android team.

So, does that mean Native isn’t as good compared to React Native? Well no, as React’s main benefit is the flexibility between iOS and Android. If a client want’s an application only for a specific OS, then using a standard Native would be a better option. The main reason is because Native supports all APIs, there’s a larger community, and it’s easier to detect errors.

Application on iOS

What is React Suspense and why is it good?

React Suspense is a way for components to suspend rendering while they load data from a cache. It’s good for slow connections, as it gives a developer control over when and where to show certain items on a browser.

What’s even better is that, it doesn’t destroy the previous view while the suspense is activated. Which means, the only downside to this is the difficulty on trying to use React Suspense. This is because it needs to fake a back end API to interact with.

So is React worth it?

This framework is definitely something to look out for in the future. It is cross platform compatible and easy to learn if a developer is already familiar with React. Definitely there are differences between native development compared to its counterpart. But it can change the development process within companies as it saves time.

From the graph below, courtesy of Sara Jones from LinkedIn. It could be seen that the trend in React Native has nearly quadrupled from 2016 to 2017. Furthermore, this framework is the 4th most starred Repo on GitHub, just below JavaScript, AngularJS, Gitignore.

React Native Graph
Courtesy of Sara Jones from LinkedIn

Not to sure how to start an app?

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