iOS14: iPhone’s New Privacy Indicators: Protect Your Privacy

Recent use of camera app
PriiPhone’s Privacy Indicator Feature

Apple’s new privacy indicators within the new iOS 14 release have provided a big enhancement in security and privacy protection for its users.

Your iPhone can now provide indicators to shows you when an app in your system is using either the microphone or camera. Thus, the users are aware that they are have not turned on the camera or microphone functionality without your knowledge.

What if you have missed the indicator’s warnings somehow? No problem, in your ‘Control Center’ it will keep track of all the latest apps that had either used your camera or microphone.

However, what good is it if you don’t know what these indicators are? Let’s see how to use them to your advantage.

Privacy Indicators of Microphone and Camera

Privacy Microphone Indicator
Microphone Indicator
Camera Privacy Indicator
Camera Indicator

Essentially, when one of your apps is using either the camera or the microphone functionality, a tiny dot will appear on the top right corner of your screen.

When the dot is orange it’s indicating that an app is currently using your microphone, same goes with the green dot when an app is using the camera.

Recent Use of Microphone or Camera Indicator

Recent use of your microphone or camera
Indicator of the recent used camera or microphone

Having such a small dot on the right top corner can sometimes be ignored. In case of any circumstances that you did not realise the privacy indicators at all, Apple had included another indicator which allows its users to see the most recent app that had utilised these features.

This indicator can be found in your ‘Control Center’ section.

More on the way

Apple treats its users’ security and privacy matter very seriously. This iOS version has provided a big jump from all the previous releases. Next iOS update could provide more security features to help us in preventing any possible security vulnerabilities.

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