Barcode Scanner for Business Web Applications
Barcode Scanner for Business Web Applications

In this blog, I will talk about how to integrate barcode recognition for your web application. And some of the benefits of having a business web application.

What is a Barcode?

Basically, a barcode is a set of lines of different sizes representing data.

So, these barcodes can be used to identify various types of objects and most of the time it helps business organise and index information. It can also be used to track information flow.

Barcodes can be any text, that can be an index number, piece of information, etc..

This text encodes into various lengths of bars. (it becomes encoded in barcode languages: symbology).

Because of this encoding, it makes it much faster for a digital device to scan and recognise.

What is Barcode Recognition?

As I mentioned above, encoding a piece of information makes it a barcode or a symbology.

Barcode recognition is the process of recognising what that code is (decoding).

Barcode Recognition
Barcode Recognition

Benefits for a Business to Integrate a Barcode Recognition

Easy to Implement

It requires some simple training to the employees and can be connected to any application.

Removes Human Error

By using a barcode scanner it can reduce the human error which is caused by manual entry.

Saves Time

It can cut the time taken to perform a single task.

Efficient and Better Management System

When dealing with huge amounts of information, there should be a well-structured management system. Barcodes can link data together and act as a unique index key for the information.

Saves Resources

With integrating with a web application, it can reduce the printed paper. Because the web application will store all relevant information.

Types of Barcodes That Can Be Integrated

These are some standard 1-D barcodes that can be used for barcode recognition:

  • Code 39,
  • Code 128 (common in packaging and shipping),
  • Interleave 2 0f 5,
  • UPC (Universal Product Code),
  • IAN/EAN (International Article Number / European Article Number).

So, what are 1-D barcodes?

They are linear barcodes.

They consist of vertical lines of varying widths with specific gaps. Which results in a particular pattern and apart from linear barcodes. Because of this most businesses are integrating the barcodes for indexing their data.

Which can be more complex because it combines 2 dimensions, and forms a squared shape barcode. There are many 2-D barcodes, but the most popular barcode is the Quick Response Code (QR Code).

There is another more advanced barcode, which is PDF-417.

It can encode more than one data file, which makes it four times larger than any other 2-D barcodes.

PDF-417 Barcode
PDF-417 Barcode

Read more about Barcode Symbology.

Plugins That Can Be Used to Integrate Barcode Recognition


Scandit is a high-performance barcode scanner.

It can be integrated into any web application including e-commerce platforms such as SAP/hybris, Magento and Demandware.

Or, it can be configured with the web SDK and the web SDK can be used to integrate any web application because it uses jQuery libraries.


QuaggaJS is a barcode-scanner entirely written in JavaScript supporting real-time localisation and decoding of various types of barcodes.

Quagga accesses the webcam and also can detect any attached camera and outputs the results to any text field.

This is cross-browser compatible.

These are some of the high performing barcode recognition plugins that can be used in any web application.


In conclusion, barcodes have a lot of benefits that can help the business grow. So, by integrating the barcodes can grow your business.

Also, it requires a good web application managing the business data.

We at Fonseka Innovations, have completed many projects with integrating barcode recognition. Not only that, the web applications we developed helped our clients to maximise the productivity of their daily tasks.

So, feel free to contact us, on how to integrate barcode recognition to your business.

Check us out | Fonseka Innovations
Check us out – Fonseka Innovations


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