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Let’s be honest, there’s always room to improve your UX/UI design skills. But what can you do to up your game? Well, there are endless ways that can help but I have narrowed it down to 3 ways to improve your UX/UI mind and practice. Let’s get into it!

Learn Design Skills

It’s time to go back to school. You never stop learning, especially in an industry where design and technology are ever-changing. So, where can you learn?

Video Tutorials

Just like University or wherever you learnt UX/UI, tutorials are the foundation for learning. A simple google search or ‘UX/UI Tutorial’ will give you over 12 million results. If you are a video tutorial kind of person, SkillShare is an awesome option to learn any kind of skill. Especially UX/UI. With 100’s of tutorials, you are spoilt for choice.

Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel. Improve your design skills

Another great source of video tutorials is the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel. What better source than the industry-leading company, Adobe. From XD daily challenges, how to’s and tips, this channel is a gold mine for improving your design skills.


Blogs are another way to fuel your design mind. There are some great blog pages that are full of useful tips and guidance on how to improve your design skills. The Dribbble Blog has an abundance of articles written by industry professionals. It’s also a great place to get inspiration for your designs.

The UX Collective is also a great option. You can read about design trends, case studies and everything about design.

Practice Design Skills

Practice makes perfect. At least close to perfect. Practising your design skills on a regular basis will help you improve many aspects of your design process. It can improve the speed of your designing to understanding what each element requires to give the best experience.

A great way to practice is to participate in different challenges. You can find a long list of XD Daily Challenges on Behance that will help you understand and design elements and applications on Adobe XD. It is also a great way to build up your design portfolio.

Get Feedback

Time to see where you can improve but showing your designs to friends, colleagues and family. Getting the perspective from all levels of UX/UI knowledge can help you understand what elements of a design is most important or where on the app it should be placed.

You can also get feedback by posting your designs on social media and get tips and criticism from professional or people you don’t know.

There you have it. Hopefully, these tips and tools can help you take your design skills to the next level.

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