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Looking to improve customer experience? Without customers, there’s no business. Customer experience is a philosophy, an approach, attitude, and it defines how you run your business.

We are currently living in a hot rising technology era where everything is now either digitised or on the way to be. Furthermore, this digital transformation trend has slowly reshaped our business strategies and empowered our consumers. Whether it is face-to-face or online, the minimum expectation of customer experience is surely higher than before.

The rise of automation and self-service has led to many developments of new business integration software. These include CRM software, business invoicing software, custom quoting software, as well as customer communication portals which have been popular in recent years. According to a survey done by Microsoft, 88% of respondents expect organisations to offer an online self-service communication portal.

What is Customer Communication Portal?

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Customer communication portal is a management system where companies can build, share, interchange information, or data.

Essentially, it is a highly interactive personalised web portal for direct communication between support staff and customers. Your customers will have have the ability to access personalised services and information they need within their fingertips. Consequently, it reduces technical and communication barriers between you and your customer.

Due to the ability to curate content in a customer communication portal, you can focus on the things that provide value to each individual customers. As a result, it produces a better user experience than websites or emails.

Improve Customer Experience with Communication Portal

Improving Customer Experience by solving customer issues
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No one likes having problems.

When problems arise, we generally want them to be resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, when customers encounter any communication barriers which prevents them in obtaining solutions to their problems, it can usually affect your customer satisfaction score negatively. Conversely, one of the most essential attributes in providing great customer experience is having a fast response time.

Customers are increasingly becoming more tech-savvy and demanding. Rather than relying on the traditional way of contacting customer support through long waiting phone calls. More and more people want their issues resolved in a speedy and personalised manner. Especially millennials who are used to doing everything online.

Through customer communication portals, support staff can immediately and efficiently help customers obtain what they need. This not only will improve their satisfaction but also allow them to feel valued. Furthermore, this will help increase transparency between you and your customers, which in fact is an excellent way to strengthen trust and stay ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of Using a Customer Portal

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  • Personalised direct support
  • 24/7 accessible electronic support
  • Resolve common issues and reduce the burden on your employees
  • Save customers time and reduce your company’s customer support costs
  • Real-time status updates for support requests
  • Attach supporting documentation to support requests
  • Personalised account information and preferences
  • 24/7 Opportunity to add value for your customer

Fonseka Innovations Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

By streamlining and digitalising your business processes, you are empowering your customers by offering them self-service capabilities. This gives your customers a sense of authority which feel like they are in control of their products and services.

With the benefits of customer communication portals, you can free yourself to focus on other important tasks that can eventually add more value in providing better customer experience!

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