How To Create A Memorable Unboxing For Your Brand

Unboxing a new product can be such a satisfying experience. Some brands have got the unboxing mastered. Some, not so much. Here we will discuss a few tips to create a memorable unboxing for your brand or product.

Unboxing every apple device around
Photographer: Julian O’hayon | Source: Unsplash

A Few Tips For A Better Unboxing Experience

If you’re looking to improve your product branding, here are just a few tips that can help in making a more memorable experience.

Packaging design for a broadband hub
Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Think about functionality, protection, style. Of course you want your product to look its best but you need to think about other aspects for your packaging. What will go into the box and what will each compartment be used for? These questions need to be asked. Your brand will seem lazy if the product is just inside a box without any thought. Another question to ask is how will the product stay safe during postage, etc. The last thing a customer wants to see is their new broken product.

Unboxing iPhone Xs

Revealing The Goods

Now as we might all know, Apple’s packaging experience is one of the best in the business. Apple, amongst other brands, have figured out the product revealing process down to the minor details. You can see from the video above they haven’t really changed this experience in a while, but why change something that works. Take notes from Apple. Other brands that are doing it right are:

Revealing product from packaging
Revealing the goods

The customer already knows what they are getting, but creating a fun revealing experience can improve the look of your brand along with the product itself. “It can be a powerful word-of-mouth moment where your customer can turn into your promoter” (Strandberg, 2019). Covering the product with a lid or tissue is always an easy choice.

Branded packaging for fundamental branding
Fundamental Branding

Fundamental Branding

Branding is also a key part of the packaging design. Your brand should try and be the first thing the customer sees. It can be seen as a subliminal message, your brand would look professional as well as be remembered easier. Another big tip would be to NOT overkill the branding.

Personalised packaging
Personalised Packaging


Personalise the experience, if possible. “Personalised packaging is a way of enabling the consumer to have a sense of ownership over their products” (All In Packaging, 2017). Adding a small card with the customer’s name saying thank you or some other way to connect with your customer. This will help with your brand’s image as well as a nice, professional touch.

Why it matters

An unboxing needs to be elegant, original and of-course memorable. Being the first thing that the customer sees, after purchasing a product, it’s quite important that your brand follows up with a decent packaging or unboxing. You wouldn’t want to hand brand new phone in just a plastic bag. With these tips in-mind, your brand or product can be remembered through an unforgettable unboxing.

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