Along with the Google Pixel 5, Google introduced its latest hardware including Google TV. Not to be confused yourself with Android TV, the new product has a new streamlined UI. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of Google TV and determine whether it is worth the money.

Currently, Google TV is only available through the latest ChromeCast. Built into the ChromeCast, Google TV can be accessible by plugging it into your TV or monitor. The ChromeCast comes with a small Google TV remote that has the basic controls.

Google TV UI
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Google TV collects all your favourite apps like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and YouTube and intelligently organises them into a sleek and well-designed user interface. Making it easier for users to navigate and watch all their favourite shows. Other apps that are supported are endless. Here are a few other examples:

  • Twitch
  • TED TV
  • Spotify
  • Stan
  • HBO
  • YouTubeTV
  • and many more

Personalised TV

Google TV will group movies and shows to your interests making it easier for you to find and discover entertainment. It also has the option to add shows to your ‘Watchlist’. Creating a playlist fo shows and movies that you want to watch later.

Google TV Chromecast
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Hey Google TV

With Google Assistant integrated, it makes it easier to control. With search, playback and navigating controls, allows viewing and listening are super simple. Google TV also can command your connected lights and other devices like Nest cameras.

Why Google TV?

What is the difference between Google TV and Apple TV?

To answer that question, they do the same thing. Google is taking on the Apple TV and putting their own spin on it. Firstly, Apple TV is a small box the connects to the device, while Google TV is hidden behind the device giving a cleaner look.

The price of Google TV is significantly cheaper. Coming in at $99 AUD, it is $150 AUD cheaper than Apple’s approach. Here are a few other differences between the two:

  • Browse the Web through Google TV
  • Access Android Apps through Google TV
  • Google TV comes in 3 colours
  • Apple TV+ is only accessible through Apple TV

To conclude, Google has outdone themselves with Google TV. The device provides all the essential functionalities and more. And they have stated that Google TV might be coming to smart TVs in the future. so the Chrome cast won’t even be needed.

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