Takeaways From Google Pixel 5 Event

Google Android Pixel 4a Smartphone Booting Up
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What happened at the Google Pixel 5 Event?

The Google Pixel 5 Event, a.k.a Launch Night In Event has passed.

And as we all know, 2020 hasn't been the most comfortable year. So, Google wants to bring back joy, entertainment and connectivity to peoples lives through new products. They introduced new additions & features to meet new demands that people have in technology. Here are the takeaways from the Google Pixel event.

Google TV
Source: GSMArena

Google TV

Google TV has so much content to choose from. The sourced content from different streaming and content providers.

This new software supplies all of your favourite applications in one place, making choosing what to watch, easier.

It includes a watch list where you can watch movies or TV shows anywhere you want through your phone or laptop. Their goal has been to personalise the experience you have on your TV.

When the TV is idle, Google TV can turn your TV into a large digital photo frame. So you have a live slideshow of photos showing on the screen. The Google TV is even able to connect to other Google devices; nest camera and doorbell and links to the all-new Chromecast.

Google TV, much like Apple TV has many popular streaming applications easily accessible. Their goal is to personalise the screen’s interface to the user for all instances.

Google Chromecast
Source: Business Insider


Google has introduced a remote with the latest Chromecast for the new Google TV. It includes Google Assistant, to allow consumers to use their voice and ask for what they want.

The remote’s visual appeal comes from it’s floating stance and colours that look natural where it sits, making the remote look more inviting to pick up.

The remote also includes limited amounts of buttons but include a Netflix and Youtube button; the more popular applications.

This controller, similarly to other interactive controllers, has voice commands. Where interacting with the controller is made simple, needing minimal amounts of buttons. The controller gives an appeal since it has a simple design with minimal buttons, making it faster to use compared to any other remote controller.

Nest Audio

Nest Audio, is a smart speaker at a reasonable price. It can seamlessly connect with other Nest Audio speakers around the house. The Nest Audio speakers have 50% more bass, 75% more volume than original google home. It also includes a 19mm tweeter, allowing consistent high-frequency coverage and clear vocals and has a 75mm mid-woofer to bring the bass sounds forward.

The Nest Audio is made up of 70% recycled plastic to make up the appearance of the speaker.

The most appealing addition to this speaker is the fact that it is connected to other Nest Audios within the house, connecting all rooms using only your voice.

Nest Audio then also connects with Youtube Music. Youtube music continues on the personalised theme where the selection and interface are altered to the user’s past, present and recommended taste.

The Nest Audio is an excellent investment; it is an affordable speaker which is easy to interact with and interacts with multiple speakers. It is a way for people to stay connected in a larger space without physically interacting with each other.

Google Pixel 5
Source: SlashGear

Google Pixel 5

The main addition to the Google Pixel 5 event is the newest release phone.

The Pixel 4a was introduced earlier and was a fast-selling phone. Now they are advancing to the Pixel 4a 5G. This phone includes an edge-to-edge OLED display and a more powerful battery.

The Google Pixel phone is designed to be at a lower cost but also consists of some of the latest technologies, with 5G gaining momentum.

Because people continuously want the newest technology and more enhancements, Google Pixel is introducing the new pixel 5. This phone includes further additions which make the design more appealing with its simplicity and straightforward functionality.

The phone is water-resistant, has 8GB of ram and has wireless and reverse wireless charging. Still being a more affordable phone, the phone has software which has a faster speed and includes Smart Downloads with 5G; giving you access to seamless streaming without connectivity to the internet. You can connect with any phone. Additionally, you are now able to share your screen with friends and family, sharing experiences with one another, without physically being there.

The reason why this phone was introduced is to create an affordable phone with the newest technologies but minimise the cost by getting rid of things that are not ‘essential’. You can use your phone with basic usages but also have access to 5G and the great camera which Google phones are well known for having.

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