Google Maps AR: Next Level Navigation

Google Maps AR

In this article, we take a look at wthe famous Google Maps AR technology.

What is Google Maps AR?

To start off with, it uses Augmented reality.

Google uses AR technology to navigate people when walking.

Similar to having a guide next to you.

Therefore, Google Maps uses the camera to identify where you are. The camera will detect the path you should go with the guidelines.

The AI identifies and will point you with the best route and will direct you in the right direction.

Google first announced Google Maps AR Mode was in 2018 at the Google I/O. AR Mode was initially exclusive to Google’s Pixel phones. But the company has now made it available for any Android phone that supports ARCore and any iPhone that supports ARKit.

Google Maps AR Preview

It’s only available for use outdoors and in areas with recently published Street View images. Similar to how Pokemon Go works in detecting the surrounding.

The only downfall of this AR technology is that it recognises buildings, so it will not work in a low light environment.

Using the AR Mode

To start using the Google Maps AR mode is really simple. Search the destination you want to walk to, select the route and then tap ‘Start AR’ at the bottom of the page.

Once the navigation is sorted out, you can see a small part of the map at the bottom. a basic top-down view. To recognise the building, you need to pan your device in a sweeping motion. Usually, it will take a few seconds.

Using Google Maps AR | Fonseka Innovations
Google Maps AR

Once the AI figures it out, you will get the audio notifications plus with a big virtual marker on the street to guide you. Point the phone around as you can see the next markers.

Follow the virtual signs. Please be mindful your surroundings while you follow the instructions. Don’t worry, even Google will tell you to put the device down so you can see where you’re going clearly. If you do so, the Maps app will go back to the normal navigation screen, but as soon as you put your phone back up, it will automatically turn on the AR Mode again.

As you reach a new virtual marker, you’ll get more audio notifications. Move your camera around, and you’ll see the next marker. Keep following them, and you will eventually reach your destination.

That’s it! It’s simple to use, and remember, Google Maps AR Mode is meant to help you find your way quickly if you’re unsure which direction to head.

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