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Smart Concept Workshop

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Ignite a Fire

  • Concept Validation Report
  • True MVP Feature List
  • Free Development Quote
Are you an innovator looking to develop a new concept?
of workshop participants will save on costs and improve the likelihood of avoiding wastage
positive feedback from participants
acceptance of honest & accurate development quote

Our 5 Key Benefits

Risk Management

Identify problem areas in your concept and build strategies to effectively mitigate future risk.

Define A Strategy

Control and help devise a roadmap with industry-tested product design frameworks & technologies.

Reduce Cost

Avoid superficial, boated development costs.


Find the fastest, most effective path to the market.

Have Fun

Enjoy the process of creation and innovating with us.


The Smart Concept Workshop (SCW) is designed for innovators looking to develop a concept. From a deep-dive into the details of an initial idea to determine its validity, marketability and commercialisation potential, this workshop will just jumpstart your creative process.

Fonseka Innovations was the first to offer this service in Queensland and since adopted by competing digital agencies which we observe as a positive trend. We identified the need for this within the start-up community and with guidance from successful entrepreneurs & several product journeys later, the smart concept workshop was born.

3 hours

Up to 4 Participants

  • Problems & Solutions Assessment
  • User Stories
  • Strategic Modelling
  • Customer Discovery

Fast results

We conduct an intensive workshop combined with an in-depth technical review that lets us assess risk, design your ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP) and prepare your project for development in the best possible way.

Your Prerequisites

Being prepared can help you get the most out of the workshop experinece. To start, you should invite anyone who is going to drive your idea with you. We will contact you beforehand to deliver a few short exercises that will help catalyse workshop outcomes.

Our Past Workshops

SCW Collage

Your Takeaways

Concept Validation – You will have a refined concept which your team will research and report back to you.

True MVP & Feature List – We will define the critical user stories and map a final feature list for an MVP.


Technical Feasibility Assessment – We will scope the technical requirements to develop the product.

Free Development Quote – This will give you an accurate assessment of the startup capital needed for development.

Your Participation

Problem & Solution Assessment – identify the problem you are solving & defining your proposed solutions.

Customer Discovery – find out exactly who your target audience needs to be.


User Stories – Identify core user interactions and key existing processes that will be affected by your concept.

Strategic Modelling & Positioning – Creating and refining your business model & product placement.

Only limited spots for November

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