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What is Kotlin?

In the previous blog post I did, (See post) I mentioned that there are many alternatives to develop cross-platform or Android applications. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that can boost productivity and develop Android apps much faster than before.

Kotlin is a general-purpose, open-source language. It is also a statically typed language, which means variable types are explicitly declared, and the variables are determined at compile time. This language combines the JVM and Android object-oriented programming features, which focuses on the interoperability, safety, clarity and tooling support.

The features let a developer focus on expressing the ideas with less boilerplate code to write. Which makes it easier to maintain and test the program. Also, the safety of the coding has been taken in to considerations as it made a massive improvement with the code quality. As this is based on Java, any Java code or program can be uses as a part of the Kotlin project. It makes sure the interoperability remains strong with between the two development languages.

How did it originate?

It originated at Jet Brains. Jet Brains is the company behind the success of IntelliJ IDEA.

Kotlin for Android

Android support for Kotlin

The above video is about the Google announcement that it will officially support Kotlin on Android. It compiles all the code similar to Java which makes it easier to share with the Android SDKs. Android Studio integrated the framework as a built in feature where anyone can start developing with Android Studios. Android Studio is currently the best IDE to develop Android applications as it has some amazing features that will help the development process. Read more about Android Studio.

Android Jetpack with KTX

Android Jetpack | Fonseka Innovations
Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a suit of all the libraries, tools and the guides for an Android development. This makes it easier to write and deploy application with Android. Few benefits of this is that the code will be clean and it accelerate the development phase. It makes it easier for the developers to get the latest Jetpack which is included in Android KTX. These functions include many language features such as;

  • Extension functions
  • Extension properties
  • Lambdas
  • Named parameters, etc

Android SDK Support

Similar to the Java Android SDKs, Kotlin will receive the same SDK support starting from Android 9 which is the API level 28. These SKDs will contain all the features and the API references to develop a good Android application.

Note: Developers can now develop or test the application for the Android Q. The 2nd revision was release this month by Google. (Check release).

Kotlin Bootcamp | Fonseka Innovations
Kotlin Bootcamp by Google

If you want to get started with an Android application for your organisation, do not hesitate to contact Fonseka Innovations.

Kotlin | Fonseka Innovations
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