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Steps to Convert More Leads

So you want to know how to convert more leads with the help of a custom quoting system. There are many factors contributing to lead conversion.

These includes:

  • Product and Service Quality
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Sales

Without a doubt, sales take on a major role in winning businesses. No surprise, the number one priority for salespeople is to close more deals.

To convert leads into customers, sales funnel is usually followed top-down.

sales funnel - convert leads
  • Awareness: The first step is to let everyone know your business exists. This can be done through both direct and indirect marketing campaigns.
  • Interest: Your leads begin to search more about your business and increased their interest in what your business has to offer. Hence it is important to establish a brand in gaining trust from your customer.
  • Consideration: You’ve earned their trust, your leads are very interested in your brand. By using strategies such as automated email campaigns, free trials, and targeted content can help increase their interest even more.
  • Intent: Leads have a high interest in your business and have expressed their interest.
  • Evaluation: One last comparison between you and your competitor before your lead commits. Therefore this can be considered the most critical part in the funnel.
  • Deal Close: Convert into your customer. Congratulations, Yay! If your customer had a positive experience, there will most likely be a referral.

Boost the velocity of the sales cycle

The sales funnel can help your business convert leads. However, the process can sometimes take a very long time. Hence by boosting the sales velocity, it may help and reduce the time between initial contact and quotation.

Time can be considered to be a valuable commodity for both salesmen and your customers. By reducing the time-to-quote process, salesmen can allocate more time answering customer enquiries, which can get through the product discussion efficiently and convert to leads. Moreover, the salesmen can utilise more of their time in making revenue-generating conversations with more potential prospects.

What is a Quoting System?

Public Liability Insurance Quote Form

As technologies improve over time, integrations such as CRM, Business invoicing software, e-signature, accounting, and e-commerce software have all provided improvement on the efficiency of the sales process.

By using a custom quoting system, you will be able to minimise the time taken to provide a quote to your client. Essentially, it will increase the sales effectiveness which will help you convert leads into deals.

This is done by storing product details in a quoting system which essentially allows you to create quotes anywhere and anytime.

Key Benefits of Custom Quoting System

  • Generate professional proposal and sales quotes within minutes from anywhere
  • Generate a variety of data formats such as PDF, Word, Excel presentations.
  • Always contain accurate and up to date pricing
  • Customisable quotes to suit your business
  • Quotes tracking and analytics
  • Turn quotes into invoices
  • Show images of your product directly from your personal devices such as smartphone, tablet, and laptop
  • E-signatures
  • Document control
  • E-mail notifications and Auto reminders

Fonseka Innovations Can Help!

Having a custom quoting software allows you to invest more time on your clients, and less time on unproductive work such as going through paperwork and proposals.

With many years of experience in software development, we will be able to create a top-quality custom quoting system to suit your business.

The Fonseka family produce professional results, starting from scratch or a style guide, that stand out as bespoke designs. Our self-confessed perfectionists have a keen eye for practical design. As a result, all our designs are created through an iterative process which has never failed to deliver the target look & feel of a product.

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