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My next million dollar idea is...

Every product has a beginning. We are here to guide your innovation to become a top tier product on the market. With our consultations and collaboration, we are able to bring a thought into reality. Let’s work together on your next million dollar idea.

New Venture

When you start out a tech-based business, there are host of other factors such as new venture finance, recruitment, branding and marketing. Further to this, we help sift through startup world with support and education provided around burn rates, churn rates, term sheets, lean development, IP, pivots, decks, growth hacking and yes, hockey sticks.

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Concept Validation

During our workshops, we discuss the validity of your idea to ensure that you understand the potential it has before development begins. Determining the acceptability of your product in the marketplace is very important.

Commercialisation Plans

Our commercialisation plans consist of valuable information about the market you intend to tackle. We also look at the competition and how feasible your idea is in the current climate.

Don't get stuck...

Are you stuck? If you have a product already but don’t know how to properly execute it, we are here to help. We are able to analyse your innovation and form it into the next big thing. Talk to us and figure out a solution.


Tech Transfer

Also known as the transfer of technology (TOT), we assist the process of moving technology from a point of origin to a wider distribution network. This usually involves the identification and application of technologies developed at university, government and business level into new products, processes, applications, materials, or service. We can help with valuations, license agreements, financing, patents, intellectual property and boast a rare ability to work in multidisciplinary environments.

Digital Transformation

There’s no place for “we’ve always done it that way” in business anymore. Digital transformation has to be a strategic priority for organisations of all sizes. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. We adapt existing business practices to new digital methods to increase efficiency and keep up with rapidly changing market demands. We are expert problem solvers who are equally adept at developing a long-term strategy or introducing new technology to a business through education & timed deployments.

Lean Product Development

Lean principles have been known and applied in a variety of manufacturing processes and constantly relied upon in our product development. It is about eliminating waste not just in development processes but across a business. This can be for a brand new product or an existing one. We help to identify areas to apply Lean PD resulting in increased value to your customers and improved business competitiveness. Our experience with iterative software development allows us to employ concepts such as reusability, concurrency and state mapping.

Product Audit & Analysis

Have you bought into a monolith system that promises the world but only delivers on a small percentage? Or perhaps you are tied into several subscriptions, and unsure if you need them all? Our product audits allow you to figure out if your current suite of applications is the right fit for your business. We regularly perform product audits during our quality assurance phase delivering software. So our constant practice allows us to hone in on key issues quickly and our up-to-date knowledge ensures that we are able to provide quality recommendations. Any company, including small businesses, should conduct regular product audits, as they help improve quality, increase profitability and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Personal & Community

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    Cultivating mindfulness helps us achieve the balance we strive for in life. It is the foundation of building character and emotional intelligence required for success. Lessons in meditation are offered to staff, clients and wider community.


    Building a startup from scratch is not easy work. Just ask the 90% of startups that fail every year. Our wealth of startup experience helps to develop your survival mentality. We offer an affordable CTO service to manage your tech.


    We want our society to embrace technology in the right way. We offer community workshops to help youth find balance with technology. Our seminars tackle difficult issues like cyber-bullying, game-addiction, binging & technophobia.

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