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UI Design Trends 2021
A list of UI trends that will take 2021 by storm. From augmented reality to the health benefits of dark mode for user interfaces.
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Web Development Trends 2020
In this fast-changing world, technology is always changing. Some of the latest development trend to look out for in 2020.
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Logo Design: How They Changed Over The Decades
Logos and logo design can be considered the profile pictures for brands. A lot of brands will update their logo design to keep up to date with the curren...
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Latest Digital Marketing Trends
Looking for new marketing trends? Trends come and go all the time and businesses need to follow these trends to stay relevant...
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How businesses can get sales from mobile apps.
The app scene is still thriving. Here are the three trends that are shaping the app industry in 2018. Voice controlled features and household appliances. Voice-controlled features are amongst the most debated subjects in technology and it’s gone mainstream comparing to the wearables. Moreover, the latest research observes that mobile industry will see an increase...
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A red arrow pointing in an upward direction.
Let’s Talk about Design Trends An experienced beginner I have recently arrived on the door for a career in digital design and what an exciting time to arrive. With new software and technology continually shaping the industry, it’s important to know and stay on top of the latest trends. As an upcoming designer, I think...
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