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Introducing Alpine.js: A Minimal JavaScript Framework
Alpine.js is a minimal, lightweight frontend development framework for adding JavaScript behaviour to any website or application.
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GraphQL, REST API are two different ways to send data over HTTP. TheREST approach is more traditional and GraphQL is a new way to overcome many limitations.
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Getting Started With Laravel Sanctum
Laravel Sanctum provides a featherweight authentication system for Single Page Applications (SPA), mobile applications, and simple, token based APIs.
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The Value In Developing A Test Suite
A Test Suite is a collection of various test cases that are multiple tasks/functions to test a software product, functionality or a feature.
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Laravel 7: It's Kind of a Big Deal
The leading PHP framework just got even better with Laravel 7. There are a lot of big changes that come with the release of Laravel 7. Let's talk about them.
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What's new in Laravel 6.0
Laravel has just released a new update - Laravel 6.0. For those who aren't familiar with Laravel, it is a leading open-source PHP web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax and is named the best PHP framework for 2019.
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Developing Android Apps with Kotlin
Develop better Android apps with Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language that will boost your applcation productivity.
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React Native vs Ionic vs NativeScript vs Android/iOS Native for App Development
This article will help you learn about the pros and cons of various native and other alternative frameworks. Which will help with app development.
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Lumen a micros framework by Laravel | Fonseka Innovations
Lumen is a micro-framework by Laravel, which is used to develop lightning fast microservices and restAPIs.
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Swift Development for Applications
Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. Swift can be used to develop applications in iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS and Linux platform applications.
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