As a business, the goal is to reach the final product ASAP. But often at times, parts of the process are missed. Which is why businesses should think small when aiming for the final release. This article will go through some points on why and how to think small as a business.

Let's Think Small

In life or as a business, you should try and dream big. But the bigger picture will always grow bigger as businesses need to adapt to the current climate. For example, if Facebook remained the same as it was when it was known as 'The Facebook', the business would have become outdated and died. After years of small changes, it adapted to present standards and has room to improve.

Success in the Large Things requires deep, abiding commitment to the Small Things (Manion, 2016).

Thinking in the smaller picture can allow for a better-defined business/product. Getting those small wins can really help with motivation to reach the final end product. Flynn says to, "think about the steps you can do today that help you grow." This will bring you or your business closer to your goal.

Small Wins

Small Wins, Puzzle Pieces | Think Small

A business can be seen as a puzzle, where each piece could be a department of a major corporation or a feature in an application. If a piece is missing then the puzzle will never be complete.

Break down what it is you need to do into the smallest piece (Mathers, 2018).

For example, as a UI designer, I focus on smaller elements of an app that will appear more than once such as a button or the navigation of a website. Getting those small wins will help guide future changes because I might need to reuse an element at another stage of the design process. Resulting in saving time.

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A great way to think small when starting a business is to follow the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy. This strategy can be used to build a product that works and has the delightful features but is planned to move forward to the picture, one step at a time. You can find out more on what MVP means, here.

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