Does My Business Need A Business App?

Now is the best time to start a business app as Australia is in the top 5 highest global smartphone penetration levels which currently sits around 84% however, this percentage will continue to grow over the coming years according to Aimee Chanthadavong (2018). So it doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling, it is essential to have an app for your business. By implementing an app it can increase productivity, revenue and create a better experience for your customers.


What Is A Business App?

So what is a business app you ask? As stated by 9Spokes (2018), it is a piece of software that is designed to fix a business problem. The apps must be so user-friendly that anyone with any level of IT knowledge can use them proficiently.

Slack Logo - business app example
Slack Icon (Source: IcoTimeline, 2018)


A good example of this is Slack which is a messaging tool that helps the user communicate to another user or group and with the ability to upload most files.


Key Benefits of a Business App:

  • Lead Generations – Acquiring more customers
  • Better business decisions – More data/trends means more accurate predictions
  • Control customer experience – Control information given to customers
  • Help employees – Give access to information that employees needs
  • Optimise processes – Prioritise tasks

Three main outcomes that businesses enjoy are increased productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.


Increased Productivity

During the course of a business lifetime there are endless tasks that are required to be done but a simple pen and paper wouldn’t be the best tool to use to keep track. So most businesses, big or small, will use an app to help stay organised, focused and most importantly keep sane throughout the tasks.

Trello Design (Source: Devin Rogozinski, 2018)


Trello is a great example of improving productivity however, sometimes its not enough for a business to get the gain in productivity they need. So creating an app for their business is the solution to specifically improve their own bespoke processes.


Increased Revenue

Businesses greatly increase their revenues with apps, brilliant examples are online shops, whenever you signup to the newsletter they will regularly send out notification emails to their customers which catches the customers attention and increases the businesses sales opportunities. Apps also provide a convenient way of communication for customers from anywhere in the world being in the comfort of your own home to another country. Lastly, it helps businesses gather more data about their customers by tracking instantly the moment of contact with the app, which then they can provide a more personal offer to them.

Examples of apps that’s using their full potential are eBay, Amazon, Uber, Woolworths, Dominos, which all just scratch the surface.


Better Customer Experience

The implementation of an app for your business means that you can design the content for the platform based on the customer, this makes it seem more endearing and personalised to the customer giving them a sense that the business cares about them. When businesses understand user profiles and personas, it allows them to deliver more memorable experiences to your customer. According to Emily Pribanic (2019), Millennials and Gen Z will pay more for a better experience they receive rather than the brand name.

satisfied customers illustration
Customer Satisfaction Image (Source: Kirill Tšernov, 2018)

Are you ready for a business app?

Ask yourself the following questions and if you find yourself saying yes, its time to start getting your business app plans underway.

  • Do you want to be visible to customers at all times?
  • Do you want to provide value to your customers?
  • Do you want to build brand recognition?
  • Do you want to improve customer engagement?
  • Do you want to stand out from other competitors?
  • Do you want customer loyalty?


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  1. David

    I need to get an app done to improve the quality of data I get back. My business is dependant on people in the field collecting data and we lose a lot of time dealing with bad data. Is there an app to help me solve this?

    1. Nipuna Fonseka

      There are definitely options in the market that will be great short term solutions. An app customised to work with your business needs in mind will work better in the long run. Give us a ring for a free consultation.

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