5 Things We Need to Know Before Designing Your Website

Before our web designers begin designing your website, there are a few crucial things that need to be well thought and considered. Below are a list of those critical considerations and once you’ve checked these off your list, our Brisbane Web Designers will be able to create the perfect website for your business and its clients.

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1. Build Your Story

With rising increase of internet access, 5G networks and use of smartphones, it is obvious that your business’s website will be the ultimate representation your business. Therefore, it is essential to fully consider and understand what you want your clients or consumers to know your business for.

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  • What message is your business is trying to communicate?
  • What are your core business values?
  • What does your business stand for? What is it trying to achieve?

These are important concepts to understand, especially for new or beginning startups, so as the web designers can design a website that clearly communicates and reflects them. Through knowing these your site can communicate your message throughout every page – maintaining consistency, build a sense of trust and strong branding. Remember, everything that's placed on your site is sending a message to those who view it.

2. Who is Your Target Audience?

The next step is to determine exactly who your target audience is for your website.

  • Who will visit your site? And why?

This is an essential and crucial factor to consider so you are able to tailor things specifically to suit them. Create personas and understand your target audience – their needs, wants, frustrations and motivations, and how they make decisions. This will enable you and the web designers to design and create accordingly – because ultimately, fully understanding your target market is what will separates a successful website from ones that do not receive any traction.

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3. What Action Do You Want Your Viewers to Take?

When considering your website, you must consistently have the user at the front of mind. That is:

  • Consider why your target audience is visiting your site?
  • What are their goals’? Motivations? Frustrations?

This is all about understand why your site exists, for who and what value you bring.

This will help you figure out what your call to action is – what action do you want your target audience to take? A clear call to action will help guide your users along the journey you desire them to take.

Ultimately, you need to decipher:

  • Are you trying to inform people? We will create a clear, usable navigation with easy to read text.
  • Are you a not for profit and want people to donate to a cause? We will create a very prominent link to the donation page.
  • Do you want to sell a product? Or a service? We will make sure your web design clearly shows samples of the products on the home page.

Websites without a clear call to action often make users feel lost and often exit the site. This can lead the user to misinterpret or not understand what your brand or business is offering. Your call to action must be simple and specific, and our web designers will ensure it's easy to locate. This will improve the experience of your website and build a stronger message that communicates your business’s ­offering.

For example: Spotify has an effective call-to-action – a stand out green button that communicates the offer to join Spotify for free for a month.

4. What Kind of Content Will You Need?

The content you provide is what aligns with your brand and communicates everything that has been suggested above. This is ultimately what will bring your users to the site and engage them. The content should highlight your brand personality and inform your audience. This is when you pay close attention to who the target user is – what content would they enjoy? The content you provide will help your business or brand to better stand out within the market.

Content you need to consider includes:

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Logos
  • Tag lines

It is important to consider all aspects and ensure they all are in line with your messaging you want to send. Once communicated to the web designer, they will make your website design and its content relevancy co-ordinated perfectly.

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“Content is the heart of an effective web presence. Whether you’re a retailer, a media site or a social start up, it’s compelling, up-to-date and relevant content that attracts and engages users. If your content isn’t right, your customers simply won’t engage with it in the way you hope.” Hemingrey, 2011.

5. How Many Pages Will Your Website Have?

Depending on what you want to your website to communicate, the web designers can organise your information and create a sitemap accordingly. Through the sitemap and information architecture they will be able to determine the best number of pages for your site and how your information should be organised.

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Web Designers Guide To Success

To conclude, once all of these elements and aspects of your business are clearly understood, our Brisbane Web Designers will work to create the most effective website for your business – one that gains traction, that drives users to a call to action and ultimately boosts your business goals.


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