Productivity Apps in 2019

Have you come here to find out the best productivity apps out there? This short article will show you some of the best mobile applications that will improve your productivity. Let’s get into a short list of applications.

productivity apps


workflowy interface

If you’re wanting to keep up to date with tasks and goals, Workflowy is one of the easiest and simplest to-do list application around. Only being text-based will keep the user focused on the tasks in front of them. Some would say multi media would be an awesome addition but it would take away the simplicity of the app. Oh, it’s also free to everyone and available on both mobile and web.

Google Drive and Apps

google drive with related apps

Now, everyone should know what Google Drive is or what it entails. But this is probably the best all-round collection of productivity apps to get stuff done. With applications for all types of tools such as, Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Drawings. All these applications are connected to one ‘cloud’. Users are able to share and collaborate on documents. Google Drive is free for everyone but comes with 30GB of storage. But, the storage isn’t too costly. With 100GB of storage for around $2.50/month.


slack logo

Now, for businesses and individuals, Slack is an awesome application for sharing, collaborating and working in a team environment. Most businesses will use slack to communicate between colleagues. It’s a free applications that comes with a limited amount of file storage, viewable messages and applications.


Trello logo, productivity apps

Workflowy is considered to be an individual to-do list app. Trello is another to-do list application where users can create ‘cards’ that are tasks to be completed. The awesome features about this productivity app include the following:

  • Assign members to cards and will get notified when an update on that card occurs.
  • Set a deadline date to each card to ensure that cards are completed on time or beforehand.
  • Apply tags that are customisable for sorting or identifying cards.
  • Add checklists onto cards to mark off a breakdown of tasks within the card.
  • Mentions are also available by tagging users in comments and checklists.
  • Many more.!


Dropbox logo, productivity apps

If you haven’t heard or used Dropbox before, you are missing out. This app in a nutshell allows you to store and access files on a cloud-based manner. Users can access their dropbox through mobile or desktop. The user can have their own private dropbox but can also share files and folders between multiple other users where they can edit and view files. It’s a great app for group work as well as always having files available where the user is.

Honorable Mentions

  • Spotify
  • Commbank app
  • Canva
  • Camscanner
  • Airmail
  • 1password
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