What’s a CMS?

What exactly does CMS stand for? It’s an acronym fo “Content Management System”. There are a number of different variations for this term. Those could include Web CMS and Content Management System Platform.

Illustration of a CMS

Priya from ThemeIsle states that a CMS “helps you create and manage a website via a human-friendly interface rather than needing to work directly with code.” So basically, a content management system makes managing a website extremely easy.

Top CMS Apps

Let’s get into some of the best content management systems available.


Wordpress banner CMS

WordPress has been one of the top content management systems available. Mainly because it is free for everyone. But, the free version comes with limited features. So for small businesses, there are options to stay on a free plan or to upgrade for more features. One of the reasons to why this is a great content management system, is because it is very flexible. With themes, plugins and code, the website can become whatever CMS the user needs. WordPress is probably the best CMS for first timers. Also according to Under Construction, “WordPress’s market share made 59% that makes it the largest CMS. About 75 million sites worldwide are based on the system.”


Magento banner CMS

Magento is a CMS that mainly focusses on eCommerce. So for small businesses that don’t want to spend, Magento is similar to WordPress, in which it is free with extensions that can be purchased. Choosing the paid route, ensures “a swifter and smoother development process” (The Pixel, n.d.). For businesses that want to sell products or subscriptions, Magento is probably the best option, but If a business doesn’t need eCommerce on the website, other options would be a better choice.


Drupal banner CMS

This open source CMS has a big focus on security among other features like SEO and scalability. According to Laan, Drupal security updates are released often to keep your website safe from being hacked. Security is always high priority for any business, so Drupal is doing something right. Again this content management system is free to anyone but additional features come at a cost.


So basically, if your business wants to incorporate the best eCommerce services, Magento is the best choice. WordPress and Drupal are quite similar in what they offer, WordPress is so diverse and commonly used among a lot of businesses but Drupal is another option that should be recognised.

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