Nicolaas Van Breda
UX Do’s & Don’ts - How to Improve The User Journey.
If you’re new to User Experience (UX) and need help with the basics, here is a list of UX Do’s & Don’ts that you should apply when designing a product.
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Sales vs. Marketing
Let's look into the difference between sales vs marketing. What is the big difference and how can we connect them to create a better business? Read more...
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Social Media Management In A Nutshell
Digital marketing is ever-growing and businesses are all doing it. But, is their social media management on point? Let's start managing social media right!
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Why Digital Marketing Is The Future
Now that it's 2020, everyone should be researching into digital marketing. It's time to transition into the digital space. Let's have a look at the future of marketing.
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How To Improve Business Systems
Looking to streamline or just re-map your business? Businesses are always under the pump to stay efficient. Here's how to improve business systems.
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Top 5 Marketing Tools For Better Results
A business grows in all sorts of ways. This article will go through some of the best marketing tools a company can use to gain more engagement. Read more...
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SEO Guide For Beginners
Gain better ranks on google with a Beginners Guide to SEO. Learn about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and how to get started.
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Why and How Businesses Should Think Small
As a business, the goal is to reach the final product ASAP. But often at times, parts of the process are missed. Which is why businesses should think small.
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What does MVP mean?
Unfortunately this article won't be about the most valuable player. We are here to discuss a 'Minimum Viable Product' a.k.a MVP. Click for more...
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How To Create A Memorable Unboxing For Your Brand
Unboxing a new product can be such a satisfying experience. Some brands have got the unboxing mastered. Some, not so much. Find out more...
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