Manisha Peiris
3 Educational Apps for Kids You Can Start Using Today
Whether it's at school or at home, educational apps can be an easy and flexible way to integrate learning into a child’s life. Here are 3 online educational platforms for kids which you can start using today.
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3 Online Learning Platforms To Help You Level Up
Knowledge is a valuable component of our lives as we never stop learning. Whether you're looking for a degree or to learn something, here are 3 useful...
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3 Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Mental Wellbeing
Mental stress and anxiety can be a difficult situation to overcome and getting help is the first critical step in achieving better mental wellbeing. Here are 3 useful applications that you can start using today to better help your mental wellbeing.
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Tips on Online Security To Protect Your Information
Here are some tips on online security practices you can start doing today to better protect your information. Ever wondered why you start getting text...
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3 Agile Project Management Softwares You Can Start Using Today
Agile Project Management (APM) has become quite the talk of the town due to its popularity with software development projects. Many industries have now...
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6 Tips On How To Protect Your eCommerce Site From An Online Fraud
Here are 6 Tips on how to protect your eCommerce site from online fraud that can help you get started. Risks can be minimised with good standards and...
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