Justin Gehrke
UX / UI Design Breakdown - What’s the Difference?
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) both play important roles in how tech products are designed. Let's delve deeper into what UX and UI design are.
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Being Remote Ready - The Best Apps to Effectively Work from Home
Apps are changing the way people work from home. These specific apps can improve team performance and communication.
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Being Remote Ready - The Best Practices to Effectively Work from Home
If you are working from home, there are plenty of distractions. Despite this, it is important to maintain a working mindset and stay productive. For those who are not remote ready small changes can be made to your daily routine to effectively work from home.
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Foldable Phones: Future Tech or Passing Fad?
Foldable phones are now being released by smartphone companies. Are they the future of smartphones or just a passing fad?
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The Preferred Fuel at the Workplace in 2020
Staying awake during office hours also presents a challenge. Luckily there are plenty of beverages out there workers consume to help get them through the day. So what are the preferred beverages fueling workers each day?
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#StartupSeason | A look back at 2019, Why 2020 is the time to start.
A new year also marks the beginning of #StartupSeason. Last year a number of startups made waves in their respective industries. In the spirit of this year's startup season, let's look back at some startups that made an impact in 2019.
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Designing against Fake News in the Post-Truth Era
In this more connected world, it is now more important than ever for developers to implement safeguards to protect audiences from misinformation and to ensure truthful information is being shared. Let’s take a deeper dive into how some companies are designing ways to crackdown on the spread of fake news.
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